'Youtube Gaming' App Will Close This Week

The Youtube Gaming application will be officially closed on May 30. This Google shade platform previously announced this closure last year, saying that this application was a bit ‘confusing’ for its users who incidentally are game fans. Therefore, Google launched a hub which will replace the application.

This popular social media also mentions in help page that users of this application to immediately move to this newest hub. This application combines a subscription or subscription service between Youtube and Youtube Gaming. Although in the future the users who migrate will lose the list of videos they have saved.

“We launched Youtube Gaming as a standalone app for gamers, where we can test the latest features based on feedback from the community,” quoted from the help page. “We want to continue to build hub stronger for the fast-growing community of gamers on YouTube.”

Reporting from The Verge, Youtube Gaming itself was launched in 2021. Google is promoting this application with the lure of a ‘better streaming experience’ and reducing content that is irrelevant from game fans, regarding the tested features, Google has tested the system dark mode and fan membership system.

Unfortunately, according to business reports, most gamers still watching videos about gaming through the main Youtube application, even many of them do not understand about Youtube Gaming.

Finally, the features of the app are presented in their main app, which is ultimately available to everyone.

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