Free Transjakarta for Journalists and Volunteers for the 2021 Asian Games!

Good news for you guys volunteer Asian Games and Journalists! The 2021 Asian Games Organizing Committee and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government agreed to waive fees for Asian Games Journalists and Volunteers who use Transjakarta.

The agreement was successfully reached jointly by the 2021 Asian Games Organizing Committee with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government on 24 May 2021, the agreement was held in the DKI Jakarta Governor’s Meeting Room which was also a meeting event to provide reports. progress preparation for the 18th Asian Games.

The meeting was chaired by Anies Baswedan as the Governor of DKI Jakarta, together with Erick Thohir as the Chief Executive of the 2021 Asian Games Committee. Reported from the website Asian Games, the meeting was also attended by several other important people.

These important people are Sandiaga Uno as Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Secretary General of the 2021 Asian Games Organizing Committee, Eris Herryanto, Deputy I Games Operation, Harry Warganegara, Deputy II Games Administration, Francis Wanadi, and Deputy III Games Support, Ahmed Solihin.

The 2021 Asian Games Organizing Committee will provide the best service for athletes as well as sponsors and officials. In addition, the committee will provide services when gametime, This service will also be provided to the media crew. According to the Committee, the media crew has a big role in raising the name of the Asian Games.

“We from the DKI Jakarta government will provide free of charge for Transjakarta users, especially for journalists covering the Asian Games and volunteers,” said Anies Baswedan.

DKI Jakarta as one of the hosts for the 18th Asian Games will provide various services for Asian Games families, especially the media crew. Media crew and volunteers who have been accredited can use public transportation owned by DKI Jakarta, namely Transjakarta. By showing an accreditation card, journalists and volunteers do not need to pay a fee to be able to use Transjakarta during games time.

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