Free Linkduit Mobile Legends Diamond, Is it Still Possible?

Free linkduit mobile legends diamond? Indeed, can it still be obtained in 2021? If Mobile Legends players are offered free ML diamonds in 2021, it’s 90% guaranteed, right? Moreover, if the free diamonds offered are obtained legally, it is certainly safer for your ML gaming account.

For gaming friends who are interested in getting linkduit Ml diamonds for free, you can still do it. There are several ways that gaming friends can do to get it and it is proven to be able and effective. If you are interested in gaming, you can use the help of several pulse-generating applications or others.

How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legends on the Linkduit Application

Linkduit Mobile Legends

Currently there are applications that generate pulses that are much discussed by Mobile Legends players. The application that can generate these credits is Linkduit. This application is one of the url shortening sites that provides an opportunity for gaming friends to earn money without spending capital.

So how do you do Linkduit mobile legends diamond for free? Later, the money you get from the Linkduit application, you can use it to buy ML diamonds without spending capital.

If you want to make money from the application, you have to shorten the url. When the url has been shortened, gaming friends can start spreading it to various social media such as WA, FB, and others.

When a social media user clicks on the link that your gaming buddy shares, your gaming buddy will get money. Every time you click on the link, you will get around 40 to 80 Rupiah. If the clicks have reached thousands, imagine how much gaming friends get.

On this occasion, we will explain several steps to get free ML diamonds in the Linkduit application. For more details, see the following explanation:

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Create a Linkduit Mobile Legends account

If you want to make money in this application, you need more effort to get fantastic results. To get started, please create a Linkduit account and fill in all the required data for registration.

Short URL

When you have registered and have an account, the next step is to start shortening the URL. When you get money, your gaming buddy can exchange it for credit so that it can be used to top up ML diamonds.

To shorten the URL can do the following steps:

  1. Prepare first the link to be shortened. For your own links, gaming friends can choose links that are indeed popular, such as images, articles, YouTube videos, and others.
  2. Please open the account dashboard page to enter the link to be shortened.

When gaming friends already have a shortened link, feel free to spread the link to various social media users. So that people are more interested, gaming friends can combine them with unique and interesting words. when there are people who are interested in clicking then gaming friends will get money.

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How to withdraw money from the Linkduit application

Linkduit mobile legends free diamonds, it’s true that gaming friends can earn money by spreading shortened links. Your money will increase when the number of clicks increases.

It’s time to cash out the money earned from Linkduit. The method is quite easy, please open the dashboard in your linkduit account then gaming friends can select the income menu and select Payment Request. In this case, gaming friends can choose one of the payment methods that you want with a minimum withdrawal of IDR 6500.

That’s the explanation about Linkduit mobile legends diamond free. So gaming friends can follow the methods above to get money which later gaming friends can use to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends.

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