Free Flare Skin Mobile Legends, Try Playing Immediately

For fans of MOBA (mobile legends) games, of course the desire to get mobile legends flare skins for free without capital is always the main thing. In this way, of course, being able to collect skins from the heroes in the game will add to the excitement when participating in tournaments.

If you want to get it for free, on this occasion we will discuss in detail how to get free tickets quickly and easily.

Steps to Get Free Mobile Legends Flare Skin

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A number of mobile legends skin flares in the game must be purchased using Diamond. But there are some easy ways to get it for free by doing a number of steps. So that your Diamonds don’t decrease, here are some steps you have to take.

Open Medal Chest

The first step is to open the Medal Chest. This menu is located on the main page of the ML account dashboard. Is there a medal chest feature that will always be reset every 24 hours. When you open this menu, gamers will receive prizes such as emblems, dust, battle points and ML tickets. However, the percentage of tickets in the chest menu is less than the other emblems.

Medal chests must be filled first so that medal points can be opened when clicked. For that, please play the game more often so that your friend’s points increase faster. The higher you get gold and MVP, the more the bar will fill.

Follow the Daily Rewards Routine

In the Mobile Legends game system, there will be a feature called daily quests. Every time you open this game application, you have to do the daily reward every day. But to solve each question, of course, you have to give up your Weekly Ticket Pass or Monthly Ticket Pass in order to get free tickets.

Do Tasks

Then the step to get the mobile legends flare skin, you can follow the daily quest feature on taksk to get free tickets. There are at least 1 to 3 quests that will give you a chance to get a ticket. There is a time limit for completing quests in this feature.

Join the Mentorship Program

Opportunities to get daily quests, can be done by entering the mentorship menu. Buddy must follow all the programs on the menu either as a mentor or apprentice. It includes some experience rewards and free tickets after completing all the quests.

If you want to get free skins the easy way, you can also use some simple steps including:

  • Please install and run the game Guardian. After starting, there will be an icon about the Guardian game on your smartphone screen.
  • In the installation using Parallel Space then add the GG application via Parallel Space.
  • The next step is to add Mobile Legends to open the game using Parallel Space. While logging in to the game’s initial lobby, type GG on the icon and select ML Unity Kills Me.
  • To immediately run the script, please press the GG icon then select the play icon in the right corner and the with icon. To search on previously downloaded Script. Then press run.
  • After the reply group runs, of course there will be a script that you have to read. Choose the type of skin you want to get by pressing OK until the script loading is 100% successful.

But of course this method is not recommended, because it is very susceptible to being banned and also data theft which of course you have to know the risks when using it.

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Those are some easy steps and ways to get mobile legends skin flares for free without having to spend a lot of diamonds. There are still several other types of methods that you can use and the steps are almost the same as the reviews above. Try to prove the efficiency of some of these simple methods.

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