Finally! New Death Stranding Trailer Gives More Mystery

After a long wait and the lack of new news from the maestro Hideo Kojima and his team Kojima Productions has ended. Their new game which after leaving the Konami studio, namely Death Stranding, provides a new trailer that has been long awaited. This new trailer gives a lot of insight into the Death Stranding game and opens a new mystery in it.

After watching this video trailer at midnight, I immediately wrote this news. Before I got dizzy and lost my memory because of the large amount of new information and theory in this game. At this time, I will summarize what we have gotten from the latest Death Stranding video trailer which was specially edited by Hideo Kojima himself. Let’s just start this article.

Death Stranding: A Hideo Kojima Game

Death Stranding is an open world game that will take a post-apocalyptic and supernatural theme. Tells the story where the world has experienced destruction due to a mysterious explosion that causes a supernatural phenomenon called Death Stranding. Sam Porter (Norman Reedus) and his team find out what really happened and find a solution to save humanity from extinction and the destruction of the world.

Take Advantage of “Social” Features From Other Players

Hideo Kojima said the game takes advantage of the “social” feature among players which will be the key to the story. There are many explanations for Kojima’s statement about this game. In short, Kojima and his team will create a new form of co-op or multiplayer mode. So the possibility of this co-op mode will be different from what we know so far in playing games.

The Characters Are Famous Movie Actors And Actresses

(Source: SegmentNext)

If you don’t know, Hideo Kojima really likes movies. Every game he has ever held like Metal Gear Solid has elements typical of western films. Starting in terms of storytelling, characters and even game trailers are similar to western movie trailers. In this game, Hideo Kojima seems to have no restraint after leaving the Konami game studio. The characters in it, besides being played by players who are often influential in the game, also feature almost all of them are famous film and television series actors and actresses, such as:

  • Norman Reedus (Daryl – The Walking Dead)
  • Mads Mikkelsen (Dr. Hannibal – Hannibal)
  • Léa Seydoux (Dr. Madeleine – Specter)
  • Margaret Qualley (Alexandra – The Vanishing Sydney Hall)
  • Tommie Earl Jenkins (Dean – General Hospital)
  • Troy Baker (Drake – Uncharted Series)
  • Lindsay Wagner (Jaime – The Bionic Woman)

Many Death Stranding Theories From Fans

Almost every game held by Hideo Kojima always gives a mystery before and after the game is released. Even since the days of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty until now, it has always provided clues that could generate a lot of theories by fans. It was not spared from Death Stranding.

1. World

Death Stranding
(Source: TheNerdMag)

I’ve been watching this game from the very first Death Stranding trailer to the newest one. Based on what I understand, the world of Death Stranding is in a state of destruction or post-apocalyptic. Many animals died mysteriously. There are various strange incidents and phenomena that appear in the trailer, such as an explosion similar to the big bang concept, a mysterious creature called BT (Beached Thing) and rain that seems to accelerate the aging of humans. Not to mention the existence of “Other Side” which is another world in Death Stranding.

2. Gameplay

Death Stranding will present an open world game with a third person shooter. Sam or in other words “Player” here will be able to explore what is said to be an area of ​​America that has been destroyed. Players will be able to use some equipment that can help during the journey and survive terrorist attacks.

During playing you will face some problems, such as BT. The presence of BT is always accompanied by rain. Players here are required to avoid BT or they will be dragged to the “Other Side”. If the Player is caught by BT, it doesn’t mean “Game Over”. Hideo Kojima explained that in Death Stranding there is no such thing as a “Game Over” concept like in games in general. This game will continue to the world of “Other Side” and Players are required to find a way out to continue the story in the real world.

3. Concept Theory & Explanation

Death Stranding
(Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter)

Believe it or not, there are tons of theoretical concepts and explanations that are difficult to explain in Death Stranding. Both from the fans and from the Hide Kojima trailer itself. Here I will give a brief explanation of the theoretical concepts in this game, along with a brief explanation:

  • This game takes several important elements in the use of the theory of human evolution, such as Homo Demens (Latin for Madman) which is a term for a new human race.
  • Timefall, the term for the phenomenon of accelerated aging from rain and direct touch from BT. But in this case, Sam doesn’t seem to have experienced that effect.
  • BT (Beached Things) is a mysterious creature that has destroyed the world and even America.
  • “Other Side” is a term for the mysterious world when they are captured by BT or when the Player dies in the real world. In some trailers this world looks very absurd and unreasonable as if you are in a dream world accompanied by strange creatures that appear there.
  • The baby tube that Sam and his teammates brought was their aid from the moment BT started attacking. This baby tube is thought to be able to save Sam and the Player who can connect between the real world and the “Other Side”.
  • Cliff (played by Mads Mikkelsen) becomes a mysterious character who knows what’s really going on in the world of Death Stranding as well as Sam. Mads Mikkelsen once mentioned that in Death Stranding he is not an antagonist character. Is that true?
  • The new government organization UCA (United Cities of America) and the terrorists led by Higgs (Troy Baker) have a conflict with each other.
  • Sam and his team try to save the world and stop BT. But Cliff tries to stop them for reasons that are still a mystery.

Pre order? Keep You Waiting, Huh?

Pre-Order Edition (Source: Playstation)

Want to be the first to play the Death Stranding game? Don’t worry, because Hideo Kojima and his team have already opened pre-orders for this game. In addition to getting games, you also get bonus content that is no less interesting, namely:

  • Gold “Sam” Sunglasses
  • Gold Armor Plate
  • Gold Hat
  • Gold Speed ​​Skeleton
  • PS4 Theme Special Death Stranding
  • PSN Profile Avatar, Chibi Ludens

Still not satisfied? In addition to the pre-order packages above, there are also Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector Edition packages. Of course the bonus content that can be obtained is even greater, namely:

1. Special Edition

  • Steelbook case
  • Death Stranding: Timefall Music and behind the scenes video of the game making process
  • Gold Ludens Mask Sunglasses

2. The Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Death Stranding: Timefall OST and behind the scenes video of the game making process
  • 10 PSN avatars
  • All pre-order edition bonuses such as Gold Power Skeleton, Gold Ludens Mask Sunglasses, Gold Armor Plate Level 2 and Gold All-Terrain Skeleton.

3. Collector’s Edition

  • All items and bonuses available in the Pre-Order, Special Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition editions.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has succeeded in making his fans satisfied only with the new Death Stranding trailer. In addition, this trailer also announces the Death Stranding game release date, which is November 8, 2021. Until now, the hype for the Death Stranding game is still very high. discussion among fans is still ongoing even new theories emerge. At least with this new trailer, we can see a clearer gameplay and story from the Death Stranding game than the previous trailers.

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