Fierce Dragon Skin Alpha Mobile Legends, Suitable To Try

Alpha is one of the fighter heroes who has the form of a Robot Human in Mobile Legends. This hero has several skins, including the Fierce Dragon skin in ML. Besides these skins, there are some of the best skins for Alpha. Alpha is very suitable to be used as an offlaner when played.

To be able to play using Alpha well, gamers must master each attack ability carefully. Alpha when able to use his combo skill can give high enough damage to the opponent. In addition, the effect Crowd Control [CC] in the form of stun from his ultimate ability is also very useful in a battle. Buddy gamers must be able to take advantage of HP recovery skills well so that durability becomes better.

On this occasion, we will discuss some of the best Alpha skins in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what list of each skin Alpha has in Mobile Legends.

Fierce Dragon Skin and the Best Skin Alpha Mobile Legends

Here we will make a list of the best Alpha skins in the Mobile Legends game. By using this skin, Alpha’s appearance will be more attractive in a game. In addition, there will also be good skill animation effects produced and make the atmosphere in battle even more exciting when using this one hero.

Here is a list of Alpha’s best skins:

Fierce Dragon is a skin that belongs to Alpha’s normal category. You can get this skin by buying it in the shop feature using diamonds or getting it via lucky spin. His appearance is also quite good from its class. When using the Fierce Dragon skin, Alpha will look like a formidable Robot Knight.

Onimusha Commander is an Epic Limited skin category owned by Alpha. This skin can only be obtained by gamers friends through special events. Onimusha Commander’s skin uses a samurai theme and makes him look more fierce. The animation effect of this skill is also very beautiful and in accordance with the quality of the skin.

Sea Gladiator is Alpha’s season skin, or rather in Mobile Legends Season 6. This skin has a very beautiful appearance and makes him look like a brave Gladiator. The dominant color blue makes Alpha look cooler.

Crimson Warrior is arguably Alpha’s newest skin which is included in the special category. This skin you can have gamers friends through Blazing West Event by exchanging Coin Bounty. For its own appearance, this skin makes Alpha look like a robot with a modern concept

Then the skill animation effect is also very interesting. The Crimson Warrior skin is a limited skin that can only be obtained through the Blazing West event.

Well, that’s the review of the Fierce Dragon skin and some of Alpha’s best skins in the Mobile Legends game. Use one of Alpha’s best skins above and make your Alpha look even better when used in battle.

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In addition, the latest event in Mobile Legends is currently taking place called Lethal Nexus, in which gamers can get free skins from Moonton. Some of the free skins are Fierce Dragon, Blue Storm & Alpha – Xborg, Fire Chief – Johnson, Hip Hop Boy – Chou.

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