FF Rusher Ability is the Determinant of FF Strategy Success

In the Free Fire game, especially when playing with a team, there are several roles that each member of the team holds. The expertise of each role holder plays an important role in helping the team get booyah.

One of these roles is Rusher, which is a player who will initiate to the opponent’s area when the battle is about to start. It’s no exaggeration to say that Rusher FF is the key to the success of the team’s strategy in battle. Because, Rusher’s role is to provoke the opposing team and keep them off guard due to provocation. That’s when the team will conduct a siege and paralyze the opponent.

Because the role of Rusher FF is a very important role, it requires a Rusher to have important points that will help the success of the task he will carry out. I will explain these important points below.

Important Points A Rusher Must Have

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As part of the team, each role holder should be able to carry out whatever is his duty and obligation, including in this case Rusher. Therefore, below I will mention some important things that a Rusher must have.

Able to Communicate with Team

The existence of Rusher FF is part of the existing team. Therefore, he must be able to make good communication with other team members. Before he advances to the enemy area, Rusher must make sure that the strategy he wants to carry out is well understood by the other team members. That way, when Rusher advances into the opponent’s area, the rest of the team already knows what they have to do.

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Mastering Close Combat Skills

When attacking the opponent’s area, Rusher must be alert and ready to overthrow the opponent that appears. Therefore, a Rusher should have close combat skills. Otherwise, it is highly likely that he will be overthrown by the opponent.

Can Do Rotation Correctly

Because the task of Rusher FF is to infiltrate the opponent’s area, the rotation made by him must be really precise. This is important so that the opponent does not detect the movement of the rusher, so that the ambush can run smoothly.

Mastering Multiple Shooting Techniques

When a Rusher infiltrates the opponent’s area, sometimes he will meet the enemy and must be able to paralyze them all in a short time. Therefore, in addition to having adequate close combat skills, Rusher must also master several shooting techniques. Some of these shooting techniques such as Jump Shoot, Aim Scope, and so on. By mastering these shooting techniques, a Rusher can conquer opponents quickly.

That’s the information about Rusher’s role and the important points he must have so that the strategy carried out by the team can run smoothly and successfully. That way, the team can dominate the battle and get booyah.

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