FF Redeem Code March 11, 2021, Let's Exchange While Valid

In this post, the admin will again share the FF gamers with the FF redeem code March 11, 2021. By exchanging the redeem code, gamers friends will later get prizes in the form of attractive premium items.

Various premium items that can be obtained in the form of weapon skins, vouchers, bundles, pets, and so on. Everything is in the form of premium items that you will get without having to pay a penny or free.

Of course, gamers friends are aware that these premium items will usually be obtained if you buy them using diamonds. Unfortunately, not all gamers have a lot of diamonds or are classified as sultans who can top up diamonds at will. Therefore, the existence of the redeem code is very helpful for them.

So don’t be surprised if FF gamers are always waiting for the daily update of the redeem code so they can claim it immediately.

FF Redeem Code List March 11, 2021

In order not to be too lengthy, I should just mention the list of the latest update redeem codes below:

  • FFML-HJ48-IY48
  • B6DK-9TK2-Y2NM
  • E9XC-UWHD-54J2
  • FF6M-1L8S-QAUY
  • FF65-HAZ8-KG8H
  • FF65-NF54-WS3X
  • FF45-FCR8-IO87
  • FF4M-BH12-IO67
  • FF65-O8FC-IOA3
  • FF45-NK98-BH7S
  • FF4M-KJA7-VG47
  • FFES-OP48-KL23
  • FFES-1SD4-OP32

We recommend that you, Free Fire gamers, hurry up to claim and exchange the code above before it expires or is claimed by other gamers.

There is nothing wrong if you immediately try to exchange other redeem codes in 2021, because maybe there are still valid ones and you are lucky to be able to claim them.

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2021 FF Redeem Code List

  • FFIM-TX3S-M2B5
  • FFMLQW21LP87
  • FF4M12S8JNL3
  • UEHM-P9L2-2B3J
  • FFIM-JWG0-5N3T
  • FFIM-L2C0-4QC9
  • E9XC-UWHD-54J2
  • FF6M-1L8S-QAUY
  • B6DK-9TK2-Y2NM

If your Free Fire gamers are still confused about exchanging the redeem code above, you should follow the redemption steps below:

  • First access the redemption site at: https://reward.ff.garena.com/id.
  • After the website page opens perfectly, then all you have to do is login to your FF account. There are 4 options for logging in, namely logging in using Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Huawei.
  • Then enter the 12 redeem codes above.
  • Then press the confirmation button.
  • Finished.

If the redemption steps are successful, you will be able to see the prize in your FF mail in-game. Oh yes, make sure you always pay attention to how to claim or exchange the redeem code above so you don’t fail to exchange it because of a wrong step.

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