FF Redeem Code List March 22, 2021, Come Get Your Prize

Hello fellow gamers, in this article the admin will again share the FF redeem code March 22, 2021, which is today’s update. Of course, many of you gamers are waiting for the redeem code, right?

By exchanging the redeem code, you can get prizes in the form of interesting items that are very much needed in the Free Fire game. These items are premium which can only be obtained by buying them using diamonds.

But by exchanging the redeem code, FF gamers friends can get the prizes offered without having to pay any fees or free. Oh yes, these premium items are in the form of armor, magazines, weapon skins, and so on.

FF Redeem Code Listing Details March 22, 2021

In order not to be too lengthy, below I will share with fellow gamers the list of redeem codes:

  • FFBCLQ6S7W25

In addition to exchanging the FF redeem code for March 22, 2021, today’s update, gamers can also exchange other alternative codes in 2021. Alright, here’s a list of these alternative codes:

2021 Alternative Redeem Code List

  • FFML-FK83-D332
  • FF4L-CB74-17DJ
  • FF4L-AN47-KL78
  • FFML-17VY-LP32
  • FFES-CB81-LP79
  • FFML-KP21-B47A
  • FF4L-AN47-KL78
  • FF4L-LP47-CTJ4
  • FF4M-CKL4-QA2B
  • FFML-SDY9-JI41
  • FFES-JC81-PL47
  • FF4L-XZ82-B81V
  • FFES-GV48-SP31
  • FFML-JAL3-93H1
  • FFML-CT78-QA2U
  • FFML-58DF-KL7C
  • FFES-XCV2-AQ28
  • FFML-17VY-LP32
  • FF4M-CG47-KLI4
  • FFML-HT32-KLP2
  • FF4M-CKL4-QA2B
  • FFML-SDY9-JI41
  • FFES-CB81-LP79
  • FF4M-FFSG-BK23

Important Things About Free Fire Redeem Code

Oh yes, there are two important things that gamers need to know about the Free Fire redeem code above. First, the code consists of 12 characters which is a combination of letters and numbers. The character is neither less nor more. So, if the code that you will redeem has less or more characters than 12, it’s a sign that the code is wrong.

Second, you also need to know that the redeem code of each country is different from each other. That is, it can only be used in the country concerned. Therefore, the redeem code in Indonesia will not be able to be used in Malaysia, Singapore or others. Vice versa.

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How to Get the Prize?

After you gamers get the redeem code that you want to exchange for the prizes mentioned above, then all you need to do is follow the redemption steps as below:

  • First open the redemption site at https://reward.ff.garena.com/id.
  • Login to your FF account, gamers friends
  • Enter the 12 character redeem code.
  • Press the confirm button.
  • Finished.

If the redeem code for FF March 22, 2021 or the alternative code above is valid and my friend has followed the redemption steps I mentioned above, then the redemption step will be successful. After that, you just need to see the prize in your FF in-game mail.

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