FF Color Code For Chat & Make Profile More Interesting

As a battle royale game that connects players in a virtual battle, it makes gamers want to always look cool in the eyes of other gamers. There are various ways to do this, one of which is to create a cool and attractive profile.

The use of attractive colors on the FF profile is the best solution to present an attractive profile display. Unfortunately, to make color changes, gamers have to use certain codes.

Don’t worry if you gamers don’t know the codes. Because, in this article I will share color codes that can be applied to the Free Fire game profile or chat facility.

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FF Color Code List & Functions

ff color code

Please note that the main function of the color code in the FF game is nothing but to make the text in the game colorful. In addition, you can also make your FF profile more colorful.

Even though there is a color change facility in FF, sometimes you feel bored because the colors are the same. To fix this, just use the color code that will be shared this time.

The FF color codes that you can use are as follows:

  • Red : FF0000
  • Dark blue : 0000A0
  • Light blue : 00FFFF
  • Blue : 0000FF
  • Purple : 800080
  • Green : 00FF00
  • Gray : 808080
  • Yellow : FFFF00
  • Orange : FFA500
No. Results Code
1. Writing Crooked [i]
2. Writing Thick [b]
3. Underscore [u]
4. Red (Red) FF0000
5. Light Blue (Light Blue) 00FFFF
6. Blue (Blue) 0000FF
7. Dark Blue (Dark Blue) 0000A0
8. Purple (Purple) 800080
9. Yellow (Yellow) FFFF00
10. Green (Green) 00FF00
11. Gray (Grey) 808080
12. Orange (Orange) FFA500
13. White (White) FFFFFF
14. Chocolate (Brown) A52A2A

How to Use FF Color Code

After you determine the FF color code that will be used, then just enter the code. The method is very easy because you only need to put the code in brackets [] and put it in square brackets. After that, you just need to add a caption after that.

If you are still confused, just follow the example of using the FF code below:

  • [FF0000] This is a red color.
  • [800080] Copy paste in the chat column the text will be purple.

Follow the format mentioned above if you want to change the text in chat and text in the Free Fire game. Later, my friend can copy the example of the writing above in the Free Fire chat column to see the results. If there is no error, of course the color change is already visible.

After knowing the color codes that have been shared above and you also know how to use them, of course, gamers can make settings and color changes at will by using these codes.

Now, from this color code, now you can implement it into chat text or Profile in the Free Fire game.

To make a colorful Free Fire chat text, you can use the code that we have provided above, the method is very easy.

For example, if you want to write “Hello” with each letter in a different color and the text is bold, italic and equipped with an underline, it means that you have to write it as follows:


The result is that the words “HALLO” will be in bold, with italicized and underlined text complete with each letter filled with color.

Now for simplicity, if you want to make colored writing, you have to complete each letter or word that begins with a color code, for example the words “HALLO” in red means you have to type it [FF0000]HELLO.

How do you understand?

Meanwhile, to make bold and italics, you have to use a code at the beginning and end of a sentence or letter, so it looks like this [i][b][FF0000]HELLO[i][b]. which will result in writing like this HELLO.

The final word

That’s the information about using the FF color code for chat needs or changing the profile color that we can share this time. If you were previously confused about changing colors using color codes, of course not after reading this article.

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