FF Bio Code in Bold, Italic, Color, and How to Use it

Bold FF Bio Code – Currently, the Free Fire game is one of the best-selling games on the Google Play Store. This can be seen from the number of downloads that have reached more than 100 million. The players of this game also come from various countries. In addition, this game is also included in one of the games that are competed in e-sports with the lure of prizes of fantastic value. All of this shows the feasibility of the Free Fire game as one of the best-selling battle royale games in the world.

Gamers who play FF ​​games are also not limited by age. So, don’t be surprised if you see not only young children playing this game, but also adults and even children. In addition, FF gamers are not only male but also female.

To be able to play this battle royale game, you must first create an account. When you create an account, you have to fill in your bio. Well, Garena allows to edit the FF bio writing so that it looks cooler. In this case, my friend can make the FF bio code bold, italic, or colored.

Why Should You Make a Bold Bio?

Bold FF Bio Code

Maybe some of you gamers are wondering, why do we have to write bio in bold, italics, and the like? Why not just leave the bio as it was? Well, this review will answer it.

There are several reasons that encourage gamers friends to edit the FF bio writing they use in bold and such. One of the reasons is so that the bio of the account looks cool and domineering. That way, other gamers will think that the owner of the account is a pro gamer.

Some gamers do this purely for fun and want to try to feel the excitement. This type of person is usually curious when they hear the hectic discussion about the FF bio code in bold.

What are the Bold FF Bio Codes?

When you gamers want to make bold text in the FF bio, gamers just use the FF bio code in bold. So what code can be used? Check out his review below.

To make bold text, you only need to use the bio code [b]. Later my friend put the code in the signature column. Later, the bio for your FF account, gamers friends, will turn into bold text.

In addition to using bold writing codes, gamers friends can also create italic or underlined bio codes. For italicized code, you can use the code [i]. As for the underscores, you can use the code [u].

Color Writing FF Bio Code

In addition to using the FF bio code in bold, italics, or underscores, you can also use colored codes to make your FF bio look more attractive. In this case, you just need to enter the existing color code to get the bio writing in a certain color.

So that gamers won’t be curious for too long, here I share the FF bio color code:

  • FF0000 : This code is used to display red text.
  • 00FFFF : This code is used to display light blue text.
  • 0000FF : This code is used to display blue text.
  • 0000A0 : This code is used to display dark blue text.
  • 800080 : This code is used to display purple text.
  • FFFF00 : This code is used to display yellow text.
  • FF00FE : This code is used to display pink text.
  • 00FF00 : This code is used to display green text.
  • 808080 : This code is used to display gray text.
  • FFA500 : This code is used to display orange text.
  • FFFFFF : This code is used to display white text.
  • A52A2A : This code is used to display brown text.
  • 000000 : This code is used to display black text.
  • FFD700 : This code is used to display gold text.

How to Find Other FF Color Codes

Talking more about the FF bio color code, actually the code list above is very complete because it includes all the main colors. You just have to apply whatever color code you want.

But if you gamers want to use a color code other than the one mentioned above, you just have to look for the color code. So how do you get other color codes? Let’s look at the details below:

  • First, open the browser that you usually use.
  • Open the Google search engine.
  • Enter the keyword “RGB To HEX” in the Google search field.
  • Now, a menu will appear for color selection.
  • On the google search page will appear Color picker.
  • Well, my friend just set the desired color in the Color picker.
  • On the HEX menu, the color code will appear. Well, copy and use the color code.

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How to Use FF Bio Code in Bold, Color, and More

After you gamers know the codes that can be used to make bold, italic, underline, color, and the like, now you need to know how to use these codes.

For gamers friends who are going to do it for the first time, of course it will be difficult because they don’t know how. Therefore, if you are one of those who do not know how to use it, just follow the procedure below:

  • First, you must log in to your Free Fire account.
  • After that, you just need to edit your account profile.
  • Just enter the desired code in the signature, whether the code is bold, italic, color, and others.
  • To enter the code, you just need to copy one of the desired codes from the code list above. Let’s take the example of using the red color code, namely FF0000.
  • Now, just put the code in the signature section of your FF bio.
  • Type the words you want to appear in your FF bio.
  • For example [FF0000] The Arrow
  • Later the words The Arrow will be red.
  • If you want to use more than one word with a different color for each word, then that is also possible.
  • To do this, you just need to enter the code in front of each word. For example, [FF0000] The Arrow [00FF00] Team.
  • Later the result will show the words The Arrow is red, while the words Team is green.

That’s the article about the list of FF bio codes in bold, italic, underlined, or colored that I can share in this article and how to use them. Of course, gamers friends will have no more trouble doing it after reading the article above.

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