FF 9M Followers Redeem Code with Attractive Rewards

Currently, there are many issues regarding the FF 9M followers redeem code. This comes from the predictions of FF gamers that Garena will hold a certain event and share the redeem code when their Instagram account followers have reached 9M followers.

The prediction of the distribution of the redeem code when the followers have reached 9M is certainly not random. The reason is, when Garena’s IG followers reached 7M, at that time Garena distributed the 7M FF redeem code as a thank you for this achievement.

Talking about rewards or prizes, of course what will be given is not fake. For events like this, usually Garena will give prizes in the form of premium items for free. In fact, premium items can usually only be obtained by buying them using diamonds.

Therefore, it is not surprising that FF gamers are eagerly waiting for this event. The word ‘free’ is like a magnet that invites FF gamers to get it. Moreover, the reward is obtained legally and does not harm any party.

How to Get FF 9M Followers Redeem Code

FF redeem code 9M followers

At the time this article was written, Garena’s IG followers @freefirebgid had reached 8.4M followers. Most likely soon the number of followers will reach 9M. Therefore, you should prepare yourself from now on so you can get the redeem event code.

So how do you get the redeem code? The method is very easy, you only need to follow the @freefirebgid Instagram account. After following him, you just have to wait for the redeem code to be sent after the target number of followers has been obtained.

So, after following the IG account @freefirebgid, you just have to continue your activities as usual. After that, you just need to check your Instagram account regularly, because at any time there may be notifications from Garena’s IG account regarding the redeem code.

Does the Redeem Code Have an Expiration?

Like other FF redeem codes that are often shared, the 9M followers FF redeem code also has an expiration date. Therefore, if you have received the redeem code, you should immediately exchange it.

Don’t delay the redemption time, because at any time the redeem code can expire, so the code is invalid and you can’t exchange the redeem code.

In addition, this special event redeem code is also territorial like other FF redeem codes. This means that you can only exchange the redeem code that is distributed in Indonesia at Garena FF Indonesia, not in Malaysia, Thailand, or other countries.

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The method of exchanging the special event redeem code is the same as exchanging the daily FF redeem code. If you are still confused, just follow the conversion steps below:

  • First, visit the following link https://reward.ff.garena.com/id.
  • Login to your Free Fire account.
  • Enter the 12 redeem codes.
  • Press the confirm button.
  • Check the in-game mail on your FF account to see the prizes.

The final word

That’s the review regarding the issue of the FF 9M followers redeem code which will be shared by Garena when their IG followers reach 9M. The problem is whether or not the issue is true, gamers friends, just wait.

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