FDW Shop FF, Cheap Diamond Top Up Place

One of the top up diamond places that can be an alternative to get diamonds at low prices is FDW Shop FF. This top up place is not an online shop or market place, but a personal Instagram account that provides diamond top up services.

FDW Shop is gaining popularity among gamers because the top up packages it offers are cheap and proven. The top up packages offered are also varied, so gamers can choose the top up value based on their respective financial capabilities

Advantages of FDW Shop FF as a Diamond Top Up Place

Every trusted diamond top up place certainly has its own advantages and advantages. Its advantages can be seen from many sides. Some are famous for their cheap top up prices, some are famous for satisfying customer service, and several other advantages.

For FDW Shop FF itself, until now customers who have done diamond top ups there admit that the price of diamonds offered is relatively cheap, the process is fast, and the customer service is friendly and satisfying.

Even though you ask a lot of questions before doing a top up, the Instagram owner remains patient in serving and answering all your questions.

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For FF gamers who are Instagram users, it will certainly be easier with top up services via Instagram. Because without having to open a certain top up site, just by opening Instagram, you can do as much diamond top ups as you like.

Price List of Diamonds Offered by FDW Shop

For gamers friends who are curious to know the list of diamond top up packages provided by this Instagram account, below I will mention the price list:

  • 190 Diamonds for IDR 20,000
  • 1050 Diamonds for IDR 100,000
  • 250 Diamonds for IDR 25,000
  • 2750 Diamonds for IDR 250,000
  • 510 Diamonds for IDR 50,000

It is clear that the price offered by the Instagram owner is very cheap and will not drain the contents of your wallet. So, now gamers friends can have lots of diamonds for the purpose of purchasing Free Fire items by top up on the Instagram account.

How to Top Up Diamonds at FDW Shop

To top up diamonds at the FDW Shop is not difficult, gamers just follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Next, open the FDW Shop Instagram, then fill in according to the purchase format from the admin.
  • Take and save Telkomsel/XL numbers from admin
  • Next, top up the credit to the number given by the admin.
  • Next, send the FDW admin proof of the transfer that you have done.
  • If you have, your order will be processed immediately according to the queue
  • Finished.

Good luck for the future.

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