Fate/Grand Order Distribute Free SSR Servants To All Players!

Good news for all players Fate/Grand Order or commonly abbreviated as FGO, especially those playing the Japanese version. Starting today, Fate/Grand Order will distribute free SSR to all the players. This was done to celebrate the 20 million times the game has been downloaded worldwide. Besides, games FGO will also hold interesting events with very attractive prizes for players.

Celebrate 20 Million Times In-Download, Fate/Grand Order Share Servant Free SSRs!

FGO has announced its latest event with lots of very tempting prizes. One of them is character servant SSR which players can get for free. To get it, players only need to exchange the special event tickets for some servant SSR that has been provided.

To get the ticket, players only have to complete Limited Master Mission This special event will be on the 29th. After that the player must exchange the ticket for servant SSR which will later be given status temporary. To change it to status permanent, the player must do first ascension and raise bond servantits up to level 5.

SSR characters that can be obtained include: Artoria Pendragon (Saber), Orion (ft Artemis/Archer), Francis Drake (Rider), Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler), Anastasia (Caster), Europa (Rider), and many more.

This event will be held from April 29 to May 6. And if the player can’t change the status temporary the character before May, then the character will be lost.

FGO do this not without reason, but in order to celebrate the game that has been downloaded a lot around the world. Now, FGO has beendownload more than 20 million times. And this event is a form of appreciation for the loyal players who have played the game.

Massive Event with Attractive Prizes!

In addition to distributing free SSR characters to players, FGO also held other large events. As rate up gacha for some limited SSR servants which rotates every day.

For today, the chosen servant is Miyamoto Musashi (Saber), and tomorrow will be replaced with Gilgamesh (Archer). Servants included in this rotating rate up include Sakata Kintoki (Berserker, Brynhildr (Lancer), Alter Jeanne d’Arc (Avenger), Scathach (Lancer), Leonardo Da Vinci (, and Ishtar (Archer).

And Other Attractive Bonuses

Don’t miss the login bonus with very attractive daily prizes, as well as login campaign bonus which must not be missed. Then at this event, FGO have also redesigned campaign Start Dash with more attractive prizes.

If NawaReaders is a new player, then this event is perfect for those of you who are just starting out. And for those of you who haven’t played the game for a long time, calm down, there is campaign returning masters for NawaReaders who had time to play FGO.

There are many other interesting events celebrating 20 million games FGO which in-download in this world. The event will be held today until next June. So what are you waiting for, get a free SSR character servant in the Fate/Grand Order game today before it’s too late.

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