Facebook's New Look For Browser Effective September

At the beginning of 2021, Facebook start testing User Interface (UI) new for browser, and during the trial period, only a few lucky accounts can experience the new look of social media.

But in the near future, all social media users created by Mark Zuckerberg will be able to feel the new look.

Goodbye Old Design Facebook

Quoted from Fossbytes, as of the 1st September upcoming, Facebook officially changed the main display design for browser. Then what about the old look design? Of course it will be disabled.

If at this time the user can still change the display design Facebook-from the old display to the new view and vice versa, but after entering September 1st, the display Facebook the user is automatically changed to the new design and cannot be changed again.

Facebook has warned its users to immediately change the appearance of their account before the D-day through a notification notifying that the old display will be deactivated. As in the upload Twitter @PhilstarNews.

Facebook promises to provide the best and latest features that have never been applied to the old display design, such as finding things easier with larger text, having features “dark mode“, and time loading the shorter one.

In addition to the notifications above, these notifications are also displayed on the button “Switch to Classic Facebook“Just in case you want to go back to wearing a look Facebook old, where the following message is written.

The classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September.

notification immediately change facebook's new display design

User Facebook Protesting That Current Look

Interestingly, not a few social media users object to the new design and prefer the old design. As in the tweet uploaded by the account Twitter @AccordtoChristi.

New Look for Browser

New look for Facebook Browser

Quoted from The Verge, after Facebook overhauling the display for mobile phones, now this social media created by Mark Zuckerberg plans to overhaul the display for mobile phones browser, where the design used is similar to the display for mobile phones.

“Starting today, some users Facebook can try a new display design for desktop (browser). They get a chance to try out the new design which will later be set as a display default in 2021,” said the spokesperson Facebook.

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