EventFF 2021.Com, Scam or Not?

Interesting events are always awaited by Free Fire (FF) game players. Because, by participating in the event, many free and attractive prizes can be obtained. In 2021, there is an interesting event that you can join. The event is known as EventFF 2021.com Processing PHP.

The presence of one event was enthusiastically welcomed by many FF game players. The lure of various attractive prizes in the form of diamonds and free Free Fire items is the main seller of this event.

Actually, the enthusiasm of FF game players in welcoming every event related to the Free Fire game shouldn’t be surprising. The reason is, this battle royale game is in demand in the community, so anything related to it will be the subject of discussion and the center of attention.

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How to Join EventFF 2021.Com

To take part in this one event, you just need to register in the way that has been set. How to register is as follows:

  1. Visit the site: eventff2021.com.
  2. Next select spins.
  3. Later you can get gifts for free. If you are lucky, you can get 9999 diamonds.
  4. In order to receive the prize, you must click Get Now.
  5. Then just log in using your Facebook account or VK account.
  6. After that, fill in the following data in the form of FF account id, account level, and others.
  7. After filling everything that is asked for, my friend just click Verify
  8. Wait for the process to run, and finish.

If you have implemented the steps above, then the next step is to just accept the prize. The list of prizes that you can get, I will mention below.

This is the Prize List for Eventff 2021.Com Processing PHP

Many attractive prizes are lured for every participant of EventFF 2021.com. Various prizes mentioned can be obtained for free. If you are lucky, you can even get unlimited diamonds.

Alright, so that you are curious about the prizes for this one event, see the list of prizes below:

  • 9999 Diamonds
  • Megalodon Scar Weapon
  • Emotes
  • BNL beard
  • AK Dragon Emotes
  • Ticket
  • And some other prizes.

The prizes mentioned above are indeed very interesting, especially since all of them can be obtained for free. But is EventFF 2021.com not a scam and safe to follow? For more details, I will describe it for all of you below.

Eventff 2021.Com Processing PHP, Scam?

You need to know that EventFF 2021.com is not an official event organized by Garena, but only an illegal event. Even though it is illegal, the enthusiasm of many FF game players does not subside to follow it.

Despite the enthusiasm of many Free Fire game players in participating in this event, you still need to be careful. Look for information in advance whether this one event is not a scam and is safe to follow or not.

One of the characteristics of a scam event and it is not safe to follow is when the event organizer requires you to login to your official FF account. Apparently, this ongoing event requires you to do this as described above. From here it can be indicated that this event is a scam.

Because it’s highly likely to be a scam and unsafe, it’s best if you don’t join EventFF 2021.com. But if my friend is still curious and still intends to follow it, just create a guest account or sacrificial account to follow it, not using your main FF account.

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