Estes Mobile Legend Appears with the Best Build Items

When talking about mobile legend games, there will be no end. This game offers an exciting and challenging game, supported by a collection of the best heroes. One of them is Estes mobile legend who is the strongest hero role healer.

Estes is a support hero to help the marksman hero by filling the side lane role. Equipped with heal and CC skills, this hero can help other heroes in a team to win.

Estes Mobile Legend Needed In The Game

As a support hero, Estes will help MM heroes in farming quickly and safely. Estes himself chose the ability to inhibit enemy movement (slow AOE) so that MM heroes could more easily overthrow page heroes.

Estes’ heal and buff abilities really spoil the marksman hero in farming matters and it’s easier to kill the opponent’s hero. Estes herself has the ability to attack long-distance opponent heroes, making this support hero very fierce.

If you want to use Estes, actually this hero can’t play alone. So one team must be more compact considering Estes is a squisy hero. His ultimate ability can heal a team even in attacking conditions.

When compared to various other support heroes, this mobile legend Estes has more heal abilities. Well, then its existence will be very profitable and make it easier to win. So Estes is not a hero to be underestimated because he can keep MM heroes well from enemy threats.

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The Best Build Items For Estes ML

This Hero Estes needs to use the best items in order to be maximal in helping team matches. The right build item can keep it alive and can reduce the cooldown so that the skill can be used optimally.

As a support hero, Estes is very squishy, ​​besides that you can add AP items to help the team when attacking enemy heroes. If you want to try to make Estes a hero support healer, you can use the following alternative items:

The first item Estes needs is Demon Shoes. Where this hero is indeed very wasteful of mana usage. Well, by using the Demon Shoes item, Estes can maximize her skills. In addition, it will be more leverage in helping your team who are having difficulties.

The second item that Estes mobile legends needs is Fleeting Time. Where by using this item Estes can reduce the ultimate cooldown reduction when getting an assist. Besides that, it will make Estes more leverage in using her ultimate.

This item is very useful for Estes in defense even when under attack. Considering it has a long cooldown, so make sure to use it when it’s critical.

Estes desperately needed to use Immortality items in order to live longer to help the team. When you die, this item can come back to life. After that you will heal Estes and can directly support team play.

This Queen’s Wings item is very important to prevent burst damage and can help the team during an attack with the heal it has. So Estes can have time to run and become a semi-tank for the team when it’s attacking.

This item helps Estes in doing survivability. The shield you have can help Estes from enemy attacks and help the team to get damage.

That’s the explanation about Estes mobile legend with his best skills to help heal the team to be stronger in attacking. Hero Estes is one of the fiercest support heroes compared to other support heroes.

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