Epic Games sues Apple after Fortnite is removed from the App Store

Gaming platforms Fortnite, Epic Games, is now attacking Apple for alleged monopolistic practices. This was revealed from the action of Apple which has revoked games Fortnite from the App Store. Previously, Epic Games enforced a new transaction policy on the app store platform to prevent players from incurring additional fees.

Top action from that Apple, Epic Games immediately attacked Apple with a massive campaign. For more details, let’s look at the following report.

Apple Unplug Fortnite from the App Store

Apple side forced to block download access Fortnite and pull out the game from the App Store. This was done after Epic Games enforced the game’s transaction policy. Apple claims that this policy violates one of Apple’s regulations.

Previously, Google also had to revoke Fortnite from the Play Store for the same reason. However, app store policies require developers to give 30% of their revenue to the app store. This also applies to Google Play and other app store service providers.

Epic Games Provides Latest Payment Mechanism Via App Store

On last Thursday, Epic Games delivers the latest payment mechanism through the app store. This mechanism makes the user only need to pay for items from Fortnite without any additional cost. Even though additional fees from the app store are needed for taxes and the app store.

Surprisingly, this mechanism has been put in place by Epic Games, but has not been reviewed or even approved by Apple’s side. The Epic Games direct payment mechanism has also been heavily criticized by Apple for violating established policies.

Attack Apple with Massive Campaign and Legal Recourse

For this incident, Epic Games immediately attacked Apple and accused the company of practicing monopoly. In fact, his party also carried out a large-scale campaign through social media entitled #FreeFortnite. It also stated that Apple is one example where the company is showing off the power to practice monopolistic practices.

Currently, Epic Games and hundreds of millions of fans Fortnite others have to go to war with Apple because of its policies that are considered unfair.

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