During Lockdown, WHO Suggests Playing Games

During time lockdown taking place to prevent the spread of the Corona virus or COVID-19 is increasingly widespread, not a few feel bored because they can’t go anywhere.

So therefore, World Health Organization (WHO) advises those who are in lockdown to play games at home.

Quoted from Second, WHO advises people to play games for lockdown take place to maintain mental health.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in his official statement on Thursday (26/3), this is part of a general statement regarding the development of cases of the Corona virus or COVID-19 around the world.

The WHO Director General also highlighted the mental health problems of the world’s citizens while undergoing self-isolation at their respective homes to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Listen to music, read a book or play a game,” said Tedros.

Tedros also said that it is normal to feel stressed and afraid during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. That’s why he asked everyone to take care of their mental health.

Not to forget, Tedros also appealed to the world’s citizens to be more careful with hoax news regarding the COVID-19 virus. Even if official news can make you anxious, it is advisable to reduce reading related to the news.

“Try not to read or watch the news if it makes you anxious. Seek information from reliable sources once or twice a day,” added Tedros.

WHO and Gamer Did not get along

As we know, there was once an incident when WHO and video game lovers or gamer did not get along with each other. This happened after the WHO declared gaming addiction a mental disorder.

Quoted from Compass. WHO adds game addiction to one of the latest versions International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD) in 2021.

ICD itself is a system that contains a list of diseases in the form of symptoms, signs, and causes set by WHO.

With regard to gaming addiction, WHO added it to the list “disorders due to addictive behavior” or disease caused by habit.

In addition, WHO also said that the purpose of the game here includes games that can be played alone or with other people, individually offline or on line.

However, not all games can be addictive and can cause distraction. “Game play is considered a mental disorder only when it interferes with or impairs personal, family, social, work and educational life,” the WHO said.

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