DualSense, The Newest Wireless Controller For Playstation 5

Ahead of its release in 2021, SONY through site Playstation Blog announced the latest controller for the Playstation 5, the DualSense.

Controller DualSense Have a Unique Design

dualsense playstation 5 controller
PHOTO: Playstation Blog

Different from dual shock, controller DualSense it has a very unique design compared to the controllers in the entire Playstation product line. This controller still has touchpad in the middle as in dual shock 4, but the difference, button Share is no longer available and replaced with a new button, namely the button Create with similar features.

One of the uniqueness of the controller is the move light bar from the front of the controller to the side touchpads. Therefore, light bar it can give a fairly ‘big’ impression for touchpad in terms of size.

Not only that, controller DualSense also adopt technology haptic feedback which can provide a certain sensation during play. In addition, the L2 and R2 buttons on the controller Dualsense this is pinned feature adaptive trigger which can apply a certain number of ‘presses’ to the buttons depending on the game being played.

Present Built-in Microphone in Controller

PHOTO: Playstation Blog

Not only that, controller DualSense also equipped with features that help make it easier for users gamers when playing online, that is Microphone plant. This is quite easy for players to be able to interact directly and have short conversations, however, headset It is also necessary if the players want to play and talk for a long time.

How about battery life? SONY says that they have taken every aspect into account and have considered everything possible to maintain the rechargeable battery life of the controller DualSense while maintaining the features that have been presented on the controller.

CEO of SIE: ‘DualSense Marks Our Radical Move’

PHOTO: Playstation Blog

Through many concepts as well as mockups that has been in the making for years, the Playstation 5 . controller DualSense has been through a long trial and has been tested by many gamers. The convenience presented in the controller is made to provide the convenience desired by users gamers.

CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan, said that the controller DualSense marks PlayStation’s radical step in presenting their latest controller features. This step, said Jim, is a generational leap and we can feel it with the Playstation 5.

“To the community playstation,Jim wrote, “I want to say a big thank you for sharing this exciting experience with us ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch in Holiday Season 2021.”

In the coming months, the console design as well as information regarding the PlayStation 5 will be released by SONY, he said.

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