Download the FF Auto Headshot Cheat Application and How to Use It

FF players? Buddy annoyed because it’s so hard to kill and headshot the enemy? Calm down, without learning to headshot, here you can headshot automatically to enemies with the ff auto headshot cheat application. Curious? Please read this article!

Free Fire or more popularly known as ff has become one of the most popular battleground games, especially in Indonesia.

Free fire or FF is indeed an interesting game, in addition to the very good gameplay, the characters and various other properties here are very beautiful, such as the various clothes or bundles such as prisoner clothes, police clothes, astronaut clothes, to emperor clothes and many others .

However, the properties or characters and clothes they wear are not enough to make players always win or BOOYAH, this must be accompanied by skills in the game, shooting skills, hiding skills, and other skills such as headshots or shooting heads.

Application Cheat FF (Free Fire) Auto Headshot

Of course with adequate skills, my friend will easily win and become the highest rank. But not everyone has skills like that, maybe including my friend. Therefore, we will share an easy auto headset method with an application!

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F4X FreeFire App

What is the f4X app? The F4X application is a cheat or hacking tool that manipulates the source code in the Free Fire game. In addition to cheats for headshots, you will also get cheats for antennas, ghosts, aim locks, alcance, and so on. Then how to use it?

  • First, please download and install the required material, my friend can download it here:

Download the F4x App and FFH4X App

  • Furthermore, if it has been downloaded, my friend can open the FFH4X application. Then tap the double icon with three horizontal lines on the start page of the application.
  • If you have, my friend can search and select F4x then please select it Install.
  • Buddy here you can choose options VIRTUAL XPOSED.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete then close the FFH4X application.
  • Please re-open the FFH4X application, then select the F4x application.
  • After the F4x application opens, just select Launch then later my friend will be asked to enter a license code, please enter the code 105vUGF5MkNoZWF0 then select “OK”
  • Finally, friends, please open the free fire game!

Notes : Cheating is an illegal act, the risk of cheating such as the entry of a virus, until an account that is detected and then banned can happen at any time. So we recommend that you don’t use the main freefire account, you can use it on the second freefire account.

Of course we only share information that we know, to use it or not is up to you. But it’s better to learn until you finally become proficient than to use cheats that make the game unfair.

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The final word

If you really still want to try it, so that the ff auto headshot cheat application is successful, you can follow the steps! Please enjoy the auto headsot if the cheat is still running well, if it can’t, it means it can’t be used. The spirit to be a winner and always Booyah and quickly become the highest rank! Good luck! ?

Updates 03/01/2021

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