Door to Phantomile" Anime Adaptation of the game Canceled

Self-confirmed by account twitter The Anime project has canceled the entire Klonoa Anime project and Hitoshi Ariga, the comic artist for the Klonoa webcomic, sent a message to cancel this project.

Via Twitter Account Hitoshi Ariga himself said he apologized to all Klonoa fans who were looking forward to the arrival of the anime and explained that it was very difficult to explain the process and how it could be canceled.

The Klonoa Anime project, which was announced in 2021, hasn’t been heard of for a long time. Henshin known as an animation production from America with Hitoshi Ariga as a Co-Producer and character designer is very ready to bring an anime adaptation of this game itself.

Hitoshi Ariga is known for creating several Megaman comics and “Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol” by ShiftyLook As a debut Webcomic comic title by Bandai Namco itself. Maybe one day Bandai Namco will pay attention to this clone series which is a success.

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