Death Stranding Released On PC This June, Collaboration With Half-Life!

The latest game from the maestro Hideo Kojima together with the Kojima Productions team, entitled Death Stranding. This game was released on the Playstation 4 game console on November 18, 2021. After a long wait, finally PC gamers can play the Death Stranding game in the middle of 2021.

Before the release on PC, Death Stranding will provide a promotion that is no less interesting when this game is released on PS4. There will even be a collaboration between Death Stranding and a game that never counts the number 3, namely Half Life. Curious what kind of collaboration, let’s find out together!

Death Stranding PC Version, Collaboration With Half Life

Death Stranding game will be released on PC on June 2, 2021 published by 5050 Games. Just like the PS4, the PC version will provide various interesting packages and of course different features. One of them, the PC version will provide several new features, including Photo Mode, high frame rate support, ultrawide monitors and an accessory which is a collaboration with the game Half Life.

A Variety of Half Life Themed Accessories

The accessories that will be given will have a theme which is the latest game from Half Life entitled Half Life: Alyx. There are various kinds that players will get, starting with Alyx gloves, Gordon Freeman glasses, Headcrab monster hats. And most importantly the iconic Valve logo that can be installed behind Sam’s head.

Photo Mode Features In The Beautiful Scenery Of Death Stranding

One of the main points in Death Stranding is the very beautiful scenery. That’s why there is a feature called Photo Mode that gives players the freedom to take pictures and show other players. In Photo Mode, you can change the image results according to your own wishes. Starting from the weather, filter colors, poses and Sam’s expressions, and much more.

Death Stranding Half Life

The PC version of Death Stranding will release on June 2, 2021, available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can also pre-order this game and get lots of bonuses that you can get.

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