D4DJ Global Version Released Separately Due To License Block

D4DJ Groovy Mix, game gacha rhythm made by Bushiroad announced that the Global version of the game idol DJ those that will be released in the near future will use a separate server from the Japanese version. This announcement contradicts Bushiroad’s previous promise to merge the two region players through the language change option.

Through announcements on official global siteUnfortunately, this decision was taken due to licensing issues which also resulted in the absence of several song titles in the global version later. Other aspects such as events, as well as items in the game will also be adapted to this decision. Bushiroad announced an apology, especially to the global players who have started playing on the Japanese server.

Bushiroad will prepare an account transfer system

On this decision, Bushiroad provides account switching feature for Japanese server players who want to play in English. This method will be available one month before the release of the global server. Although it hasn’t given an exact release date, the official social media accounts D4DJ confirmed the global version will be released separately in the spring of 2021.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to before transferring your account to the English version later. Depending on progress your account, maybe it would be better if you just keep the Japanese version of the account.

  • Accounts can only be transferred in one direction.
    Players from Japanese servers can only transfer their accounts once to global servers. Accounts that have been transferred can no longer be played in the Japanese version.
  • Paid Crystals will not be transferred.
    If you’ve ever top-up and have any remaining Paid Crystals, you should spend them immediately, because they will not be transferred to the global server.
  • Items from Present Box will not be transferred
    Remember to claim all items it transfers the account.

D4DJ, Bushiroad’s latest multimedia project

After success with Love Live, Bang Dreams! and Starlight Revue, Bushiroad re-released a new multimedia project: D4DJ, or Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ. Just like his name, D4DJ taking the theme of DJ and electric music as the main focus. The characters in D4DJ divided into various groups with different names, such as Happy Around, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, and many more.

Rhythm game D4DJ: Groovy Mix it was released in Japan in September last year, with a global version following soon.

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