Cygames Apologizes For Image Tracing on Princess Connect! Re:Dive

game Princess Connect! Re:Dive (PriConneR) from Cygames had a problem with the image tracing from artist doujinka. How is it chronological?

Artist Doujinka Objection with Pictures Tracing in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

One of the independent artist from Japan, Nekodason, found a screenshot He found in main story PriConneR, quoted from the Japanese pop culture blog, Otakomu. It looks like one of the pictures of the protagonist has similarities in the strokes he made at the time of uploading to his Pixiv gallery.

In play story PriConneR, I saw a scene inside cutscene where Neneca holds a picture of a man in the picture. From the eye shape, the oval head looks smart but has an expression like a baby, maybe the one who did that…!!!

Knowing this, he tweeted his suspicions and compared his 4-column manga as a comparison. The incident that happened on July 15th was noticed by many netizens, which resulted in 7200 like and 3500 comments and retweet.

Cygames Apologizes For Image Incident Tracing Princess Connect! Re:Dive

PriConneR via his official Twitter apologized last Wednesday for posting one of the images outside of their artist without permission. They just found out the picture from the game Princess Connect! Re:Dive Traced from an independent artist via the portal site for doujinka, Pixiv.

“We (Cygames) have confirmed that the illustrations used in our game’s main story section bear a very strong resemblance to the illustrations created by an independent artist. Knowing this, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to the players and some related to this case. We promise to do better so that similar incidents don’t happen again.”

Further information

Princess Connect!  Re:Dive

Princess Connect! Re:Dive (PriConneR) is franchise mobile games developed by Cygames, the same developer for popular games, Granblue Fantasy, release on February 15, 2021. The game is refresh franchise than the previous IP, Princess Connect!, which is a prequel to the game and was released on February 18, 2021, before shutting down in June 2021.

By revenue earnings results for the month of June PriConneR is one of the most selling games for game earnings Japanese gacha last June.

The game earned around USD 57,581 (approximately 851 million Rupiah!) in total server-where Japan earned the highest income of USD 33,580 (almost 500 million Rupiah), server China USD 19,577, Korea USD 1,013 (15 million Rupiah) and Taiwan USD 3,411 (50 million Rupiah).

This figure is below the overall income earned by its rivals, Fate/Grand Order which earned a total of USD 69,884 (One billion Rupiah).

The anime adaptation has finished airing for Spring 2021 produced by Cygames Pictures, directed and scripted by Takaomi Kanasaki, who is involved in the anime project. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

The anime is screened on several Japanese television stations occupying slots airing at midnight, and can also be watched online at Aniplus Asia.

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