Crossover, Genshin Impact Character will be Present in Honkai Impact 3rd

The game company miHoYo still always surprises everyone game version update, especially on updates Honkai Impact 3rd version 4.8.

The update brings out Seele’s new unit, namely Starchasm Nyx. For this July, they finally decided to collaborate with their IP “sister”, Genshin Impact, which you can enjoy in this version 4.9!

Version 4.9 of Honkai Impact 3rd features these two characters!

For version 4.9 it brings a special from the continent of Teyvat, namely the princess Prinzessin der Verurteilung!, aka Fischl!

It will be present in that version as Valkyrie with ranged attacks, and can NawaReaders get it for free!

Besides Fischl, will also be present at Honkai Impact 3rd an urban planning expert from Liyue, that is Keqing, one of the characters Genshin Impact fan favorite.

Keqing you can get in gacha banner The special collaboration is for a limited time. You can get these two characters only in version 4.9 Honkai Impact 3rd

crossover Among Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact this will be condensed into a new event story named foreign traveler, which you can play post updates on Friday (9/7).

Prinzessin der Verurteilung!, Valkyrie first with arrows!

fischl herrscher honkai version 4.9

For the first time in Honkai Impact 3rd, presence Prinzessin der Verurteilung! will be Valkyrie the first to use arrows as his main weapon.

The unit can attack from a distance, just like some Valkyrie more like Herrscher of the Void, by aiming at the enemy’s weak point.

By element Vision that Fischl has, he has a fairly large attack power when using his companion, Oz, complete with an increase in his attack rate. Suitable for Captains who really crave Valkyrie with fast DPS!

You can get the unit for free the first time you log into the game after updates the game to version 4.9, which will start on July 9th.

Theresa’s new clothes prize event!

keqing yae honkai impact version 4.9

In the event crossover Among Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact This is one of the special collaboration events that features characters from the two games.

As usual, you will go through some mini games with some characters Honkai with Genshin Impact. In mini games Here, you will be guided by Keqing who will accompany you to explore this other world you visit.

For prizes from this event you will get like in some other events, by collecting some token which you can exchange.

Among the items of interest, a outfit for units Celestial Hymn, Heat of Trifolium, whose design follows one of the characters in Genshin, Klee.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to get, Outworld Quest Emblem, multiple sets of stigmas, fragments for Valkyrie, and a number of crystals for gacha.

Kiana’s story isn’t over yet!

chapter 25 honkai impact

For this version 4.9, play story in the game Honkai Impact will tread a new story. In this 25th chapter, Kiana’s true identity will be revealed and towards the climax of her entire struggle.

Another surprise that will be given by miHoYo is that there is a new animation entitled Everlasting Flames, for which miHoYo has not announced a release date.

This animation is about Kiana’s choice to face two choices in her life, either as Herrscher or returning to being a full human being and living with her friends.

What will happen to Kiana next? What is his choice to face the dilemma that befell him? The mystery of what befell the Valkyrie in facing the Herrscher of Dominance?

About Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is a game action RPG three-dimensional by Mihoyo. Success Honkai Impact in the realm of the game mobile became the basis for the Chinese developer to create Genshin Impact, which was successful mainstream.

Honkai Impact 3rd takes the background of the modern world, where a spiritual power called honkai create various phenomena that threaten human life.

To counter this power, women who possess the anti-honkai genome are trained as Valkyries. You will act as a Captain who can control these Valkyries in battle.

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