Cool! Ciel Fledge's 'Parenting' Game Comes to BEKRAF Game Prime

In this BEKRAF Game Prime event, there was a unique game that was also present at the booth gamedev. Namely Studio Namaapa with simulation games ‘nursing son of Ciel Fledge.

In the event, Rizki from Studio Namaapa, explained that this time they brought the simulation game in the console version, namely Nintendo Switch. Games that have world building different from the average similar simulation game is planned to be released on PC and Switch.

The following is an explanation of the game from KAORI Nusantara:

Ciel Fledge is a child-rearing simulation game in which players will be challenged to raise a daughter over a period of 10 years. Players can raise the child in their own way, which will shape the character and future of the child in the future.

“Ciel itself is a simulation game, where we act as parents who take care of a child from 10 to 20 years old,” said Rizki, “that includes managing schedules, eating, and clothes. It affects the child’s activities.”

About world building different, Rizki said that this game has a unique background, because it has settings free fiction. “So it’s not only limited to raising children, but there are also war plots and natural disasters in that regard,” he said. It can stimulate the curiosity of players.”

This game itself was released on PC, and was assisted by one of the publishers to enter on the Switch. How did this game get to the Switch? Rizki said that at that time Studio Namaapa was chosen by BEKRAF for the showcase at the Tokyo Game Show, and Studio Namaapa managed to get a publisher after the event until it officially entered the Nintendo Switch.

When asked if Ciel Fledge will enter platform On the other hand, Rizki said it might be possible, “I’m just afraid that the sales won’t be optimal,” he said when we met at the booth, “and the PS4 and XBOX consoles are a bit less compatible because the consoles are more inclined towards action.

The response of visitors who came to the Studio Namaapa booth was also very good, some visitors were even interested in buying the game. “But maybe the fans are a bit lacking in Indonesia, but those who visit and play here are happy, it’s fun.” he said.

Regarding the lack of interest in games of the same type in Indonesia, Rizki himself explained that Ciel Fledge itself would first be published abroad. “Average gamedev with premium games always market it abroad, because for outside, gamers abroad buy good games,” he said, “if they are good, why don’t I buy them, right? Than the trend now Pay to Win.

Rizki himself hopes that games in Indonesia will be increasingly known as alternative media besides television and film entertainment through BEKRAF Game Prime 2021. “This game is an entertaining medium. My hope is that the government can support and can raise games as an alternative entertainment media,” he concluded.

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