Complete Offline Minang Language Dictionary

If you are looking for a Minang language translation application, you can use this Minang language dictionary application because this application can run offline. Good luck trying it.

“This application provides a variety of vocabulary and terms in the Minang language. If you have trouble finding the meaning of a term in Minang, please try this offline application. There are tens of thousands of words in the Minang language and their meanings.

1. Full Offline, all data is stored offline and does not need an internet connection
2. There are tens of thousands of terms in the Minang language
3. Search (Search) Terms or words
4. Bookmark favorite terms or words
5. Interesting quiz to practice understanding Minang language terms
6. You can add terms that are not already in this application
7. 12 choices of attractive color themes

Hopefully this offline Minang language dictionary application can be useful for your learning. Don’t forget we are waiting for valuable feedback for the development of this application.”

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