Christmas 2021 Comes Early, Santa Suzuka Gozen Comes to FGO Arcade!

Games Fate/Grand Order or commonly abbreviated FGO very popular not only in Japan, until the game company Sega created an FGO arcade game called Fate/Grand Order Arcade or FGO Arcade. It has just been announced that FGO Arcade is holding a Christmas 2021 event featuring servants that have never existed in the smartphone version, namely Santa Suzuka Gozen.

Santa JK Suzuka Gozen, Ready to Help the Masters in Fate/Grand Order Arcade

This information was announced through the event live streaming The FGO that just took place. At the event, it was announced that FGO Arcade would be holding an early 2021 Christmas event. Additionally, Delightworks announced a new Christmas-themed servant, Santa Suzuka Gozen, that will be coming to FGO Arcade.

Suzuka Gozen (Santa) has a Christmas-themed appearance with a Santa costume design and has an aura like joshikōsei (JK) which means high school girl. This is already a character in Suzuka Gozen in Fate/Grand Order franchise. So it’s only natural that this year’s Santa at FGO has such characteristics. The servant class for Suzuka Gozen is Lancer.

You can watch the Santa Suzuka Gozen trailer through the official Youtube channel Fate/Grand Order below this.

Saber Astolfo Follows

In addition to Santa Suzuka Gozen, the new servant who was also present at the 2021 FGO Arcade Christmas event was Saber Astolfo. Saber Astolfo’s appearance is still the same as the smartphone version. But in this version, you can see Saber Astolfo in full 3D animation. You can see Astolfo (Saber)’s performance below.

FGO Arcade Get Servants and Items Not on Smartphone

Santa Suzuka Gozen has never appeared in Fate/Grand Order on smartphones. This adds to the list of special servant records in the Arcade version. You need to know, this is not the first time this has happened. In the previous year, FGO Arcade had a special Christmas servant, Helena Blavatsky (Christmas).

FGO Fate Grand Order Arcade Santa Helena Blavatsky

FGO Arcade is known to provide many things such as servants and items that have not or have never existed on smartphones. Even if the smartphone gets it, it takes a long time for players to wait for it. This happens to the Da Vinci servant (Rider) and the Bunny costume item for Scathach (Lancer).

Game Revenue Drops Drastically Since Late July 2021

Fate Grand Order July July 2020

Bad news befell the popular mobage gacha titled Fate/Grand Order or commonly abbreviated FGO. According to the information that was just discovered, the game Fate/Grand Order has experienced a decline in revenue since the end of July 2021.

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