Check Immediately! ML Redeem Code 2 April 2021 Complete Here

Mobile Legends is a mobile game developed by Moonton which is very much favored by various groups of people. What’s more, Moonton also always releases several ML redeem codes in stages, including the April 2 2021 ML redeem code.

As additional information, Mobile Legends is an interesting strategy game and also relies on teamwork. Today, ML released a redeem code for gamers friends to exchange for free skins.

Mobile Legends itself is loved by all groups, from children, teenagers, to adults playing this one game. There are a lot of hero options and a game that is fairly easy to understand even for beginners, even though it is suspected to be the main factor.

Well, to make it more interesting, of course, gamers need to use skins to be able to change the appearance of the heroes that you use during battle. However, usually this skin must be purchased first, or claimed using the redeem code that has been issued by Moonton or the sponsor.

Mobile Legends Redeem Code 2 April 2021

The latest ML redeem code was issued on April 2, 2021, but some of the codes below have quota limits, but some are unlimited. So, gamers friends can get free skins by claiming the redeem code. If a failure occurs, the server may be busy or the code has been used by another player.

The following is the redeem code for ML 2 April 2021:

  • ChouGift (new)
  • SelenaGift (new)
  • yes8hrfkzmqz322a57
  • bewithu
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw
  • jjr9ammryr37229v2
  • vpffadntgwbk229v7
  • iloveu
  • b58t32qk97pf229yz

In addition to the code above, you can still copy the Mobile Legends redeem code in other March:

  • bewithu (unlimited)
  • iloveu (unlimited)
  • t6mg8a5sakvky22y8
  • g2vdfal79dfgwy5glh
  • gdx6gtgfe24agw9y2
  • k6g494pvfeyzfky8zx
  • yes8hrfkzmqz322a57
  • 6mg8t5sakvky229y8
  • 6dxgtgfew4ag229y8
  • 6g494pvyzfk6229y8
  • k78cxtvedtdj228yq
  • B58T32QK97PF229ZY6b8
  • e3d46553g229y8
  • 6m7sfg54bkt6i229y8
  • 8p87gsa5e4m229y8
  • ma8gx4etgu6n228xy
  • bp7vf2bmi9kj228xy
  • 67e3j3ey3bsj229yx

How to claim this redeem code is actually very easy, gamers just need to enter the redeem code above, then you also have to fill in the game ID you have. Here’s how:

  • Go to site
  • Enter one of the above ML redeem codes in the ‘Redemption Code’ column
  • Enter the Mobile Legends user ID and the verification code
  • If you have entered all the required data, select the ‘Redeem’ option for immediate processing
  • Login to the ML account that you have binded
  • Prizes for skin items will be directly received via In Game Mail
  • Finished

Mobile Legends Redeem Code Terms and Conditions

  • The redeem code issued by Moonton usually has 17 digits combined with numbers and letters [bisa kurang atau lebih]
  • The Mobile Legends user ID that you use to play
  • You can only get the verification code after being released by Moonton
  • The redeem code can only be used in the Indonesian region and is not valid in other regions, and vice versa
  • The redeem code can only be used once
  • The redeem code has an expiration date and is valid for a certain time

That’s a review of the Mobile Legends redeem code April 2, 2021. Hopefully it’s useful!

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