Charles Chiang, CEO of MSI Dies of Falling from a Building

An unsavory news shakes the PC world master race in this world. CEO of MSI, Charles Chiang, yesterday reportedly died. CEO’s death hardware brands The famous PC was discovered after it was reported that he had fallen from a building. It is not yet known what the motive for his death was whether it was intentional or there were other parties involved.

MSI CEO Charles Chiang fell from the building for no apparent reason

Charles Chiang is known to have died as a result of falling from a building in Taiwan. The MSI CEO died after falling from the 7th floor of the MSI building and landing in the parking area of ​​the building. Charles was found unconscious and was rushed to the hospital, before finally breathing his last.

Police are still investigating the case of the MSI CEO’s death and so far Chiang’s family has not provided any information. The news of the death of the MSI CEO spread after Taiwanese media report the incident on the spot. However, the motive behind Charles Chiang’s death is still unknown.

Has Accompanied MSI For 20 Years

MSI CEO Charles Ciang Passes Away Died

An MSI spokesman explained that Charles Chiang has been with MSI for 20 years and has contributed a lot to his community. Chiang has been widely lauded by many PC enthusiasts around the world and has brought the company he holds to this day forward. His passing will surely be remembered by the staff and all PC users in the world.

Becoming One of the World’s Favorite PC Hardware Products

The death of the MSI CEO certainly shocked the world of PC gaming in the world. How not, Charles Chiang has accompanied and provided many very useful technological innovations. In addition, his MSI products have also become favorite products throughout the world, including Indonesia.

MSI runs in the field of computer technologies, especially in the gaming class. This company has had many innovations ranging from PC components to gaming laptops, and is still developing. The death of the MSI CEO certainly left the deepest wound for all MSI staff who have worked there for a long time.

Goodbye Charles Chiang, CEO of MSI. May he rest in peace there with the almighty.

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