Celebrate One Year of Blade&Soul Revolution with the Assassin Class!

A year on Blade&Soul Revolution Southeast Asian servers have gone through various updates latest content from Netmarble game developer, South Korea. Follow the storyline and gameplay from the original PC game, BNSR will present a new class, namely Assassin.

Then, there is another variety events in his game to celebrate the moment. What is going on so far?

Time to try a new class Blade&Soul Revolution, Assassin!

Celebrating one year of service Blade&Soul Revolution southeast Asia, Netmarble presents another fighter class that is no less exciting for you to get. Job Class it’s called Assassin, who has skills agile and stunning in attacking the enemy with Webbing to tie them in the air.

Assassins also use Stealth to avoid being seen by the enemy and becoming a target. Don’t forget to take advantage skill set available specifically for that class to effectively defeat even the strongest enemy!

In addition, the Assassin is able to disrupt the enemy and enter the Battlefield for powerful and unexpected attacks. Players who prefer party battles will love this class. The reason is, this class provides Stealth mode to Party members by adjusting skill settings.

Still running, exciting events with attractive prizes!

starlight festival

Still one year into BNSR’s release in Southeast Asia, the Starlight Festival takes place from 12 May to 15 June. NawaReaders have the opportunity to get “Starlight Coin” and “Legendary Starlight Coin” by completing Mission Events. You can also get these items in the “Starlight Basin” Event Field and the “Starlight Festival” Dungeon Event.

Well, the coins that you get from this series of events can be exchanged for new Legendary Pets and special 1 Year Celebration Items.

Then, in the Starlight Village Event Area, you can get Battle EXP buffs from special NPCs while enjoying the atmosphere of a star-filled night. Other celebratory events including 7-Day Check-in which provides 365 Black Crystals as a 6-day login reward and a new Heroic Pet on 7th day login has also been prepared for players.

Invite your friends to play with BNSR!

event invite friends

While the event was taking place, NawaReaders also had the opportunity to invite their friends to play BNSR together, through the Invite Friends Event.

This event allows current players to invite friends with an auto-adjusted Friend Invite Code during the BNSR Southeast Asia anniversary event period. When the player enters the Invite Friend Code to join Blade&Soul Revolution, code owners and new players will get rewards including 365 Heroic Fragments and 365 Gift Boxes.

Other abundant rewards also await players who complete the 3-Day Check-in Mission. Not only that, 5,000 Black Crystals will also be awarded to the top 10 players who invite their friends the most among all servers.

About Blade&Soul Revolution, choose class Fighter until Assassin

Blade&Soul Revolution (BNSR) is mobile games succession of the game MMORPG Blade & Soul available for PC media. The game that was released in 2012 by NCSOFT, the largest game developer in Korea, is going through the transition to the version smartphone by Netmarble for released worldwide.

You can read more about the game, NawaReaders, via https://www.nawareaders.com Our review via this link.

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