Bushiroad Releases BanG Dream Game Demo! Nintendo Switch Version

After announcing the release of the game from franchise BanG Dream on Nintendo Switch last April (29/4), Bushiroad finally released the game in demo form.

Serve Five Songs in Demo Version

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Quote from Gematsu, game from the BanG Dream franchise! has been released since last Wednesday (4/8) by presenting five different songs.

Not only that, each song can also be played in six different levels according to the player’s wishes. In-game songs BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! The demo version is:

  1. “STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~”
  2. “That Is How I Roll!”
  3. “Shuwarin☆Drea~min”
  5. “Goka! Gokai!? Phantom Thief!”

BanG Dream! Demo Edition Only Available until September

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game BanG Dream This demo version for Nintendo Switch will only be available until September 15th. In addition, the release is also limited.

Demo edition of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! it’s only released in Japan regional Nintendo eShop page just.

After September 15th, Bushiroad together with developer Craft Egg will officially release the game on September 16th in Japan.

Trailer Release Welcomes Demo Release

Bushiroad also does not miss to promote the game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! which they ported to the Nintendo console.

On Friday (6/8) morning, Bushiroad release trailers prime for the release of the demo version of the game BanG Dream! the.

In trailers players can use two ways to play the game. That is, by using touch screen or use the existing Joycon.

A number of adjustments to the game the BanG Dream franchise! also appears in the video. More or less, the Nintendo Switch edition of the game is still similar to what has been released on smartphones before.

About BanG Dream!

Besides being made into a manga series and famous for his games produced by Craft Egg, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, serial franchise also known as Bandori it has been adapted into an anime series with three seasons as well as an anime film. The first season of the anime series BanG Dream! with 13 episodes first airing in January 2021.

Second season of anime BanG Dream! aired in January 2021 and the third season aired in January 2021. It’s not just a band containing female members, the first band BanG Dream! which consists of a boy, Argonavis, has also been made into an anime series. The anime series for Argonavis premiered on April 10, 2021.

Meanwhile, the first anime film from BanG Dream!, BanG Dream! LIVE MOVIE, screened in 56 theaters in Japan in September 2021. The film, directed by Tomomi Uezu and produced at studio Sanzigen, grossed 300 million yen in October 2021. The film was distributed by Bushiroad and licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

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