Bullets Per Minute, Rhythm Game Combining FPS Game

Awe Interactive, a game developer and publisher, has created the latest breakthrough in the world first person shooter (FPS). The game studio is said to have created the game Bullets Per Minute, rhythm game that combines FPS games. In this game, the player’s task is only one, eliminating all enemies to the beat of the music.

This Is What Happens If Doom Become Rhythm Games

Reported from steam, Bullets Per Minute or often abbreviated BPM is a game rhythm-action FPS rouge-like creation of Awe Interactive. BPM is almost the same as other rhythm games, except that players don’t just press circles and follow the rhythm of the music. Players must eradicate all the monsters inside dungeons while following the beat of the prepared music.

Players must shoot, jump, and dodge enemy attacks while following the beat of the music and defeating the eternal enemy, Nidhogg. If you look at this game, it’s not much different from Doom, where players have to slay evil monsters.

Fight in the World of Asgard to the Rhythm of Music in BPM Games

In game Bullets Per Minute, players will play as creatures Valkyrie protect Asgard from troop attacks underworld. Players are certainly not alone, players will be equipped with deadly weapons and magic to eradicate these monsters.

All enemies in BPM are bound to the beat of the music, so players must match that beat to dodge enemy attacks. In addition, players must also beat 7 dungeons boss to get to final boss. Of course, each boss has a different attack style, depending on the rhythm of the music given. Some of them require players to match the boss’s attacks with the rhythm of the music to make it easier for players.

Bullets Per Minute Use Weapons and Magic to Adjust the Rhythm of the Music

There is no story path to follow, players just have to complete dungeons randomly prepared. In addition, players must also pick up weapons that have been scattered in the dungeon, and collect items to strengthen the player’s character.

The weapons provided in BPM are also very varied and have different characteristics when firing to match the rhythm of the music. Players will also be provided with 5 different characters with their own uniqueness and weaknesses. Players can also use magic to kill enemies and teleport to other positions.

Bullets Per Minutes Coming to Steam in August!

Bullets Per Minutes planned to be present for the PC platform in August through Steam. It is also not known whether this game will be available for other platforms or not. What is clear, an indie game titled rhythm this game has the potential to be the best indie game of the year.

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