Booty Slayers, Nutaku's Newest Game For Pirate Souls

BOOTY SLAYERS – The hunt for real loot begins with the adults-only online gaming platform, Nutaku has just launched a new tower defense game titled Booty Slayers. With a growing collection of action adventure titles on adult gaming platforms, this game offers all pirate game lovers an immersive experience of pirate utopia, with an interesting storyline to follow.

The game begins when you join a rapscallion crew led by loot-killer idol, Captain Mason Hawke, while traversing the legendary Drake Sea. In search of any loot they can loot or ride, players embark on an adventure. Equipped with upgradable heroes, Huge Tech Trees and Flying Aces, players can fight against creatures to defend the Sea Drake and save the dam. outsmart the lawyers. Of course, a‘wow’ scenes filled with visual novels will provide Nutaku’s famous way of storytelling.

Nutaku promises Booty Slayers will be an interesting game to play. Game flow Booty Slayers made interesting with the style of storytelling a la visual novel, by maintaining the ‘challenging’ scenes that have become the hallmark of Nutaku. Not only that, players can compete for greatness through in-game tournament to get rewards and upgradeable heroes. Existence Hugh Tech Tree and Flying Aces will also help players in raising the entire tower level and pirate power. Not only that, by raising the level of the hero they have, players will also get more ‘challenging’ scenes.

Booty Slayers

Interested to try Booty Slayers? This game can be played on this link. And, well, make sure you’re old enough to enjoy the ‘challenging’ scenes in this game.

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