Bishonen Lovers Must Play! Mobage Tears of Themis Official Release

Tears of Themis, the first investigation and romance game made miHoYo, a global interactive entertainment game developer and publisher, now available on Android and iOS worldwide!

This free-to-play game will take players on an adventure full of romance and wit.

Mobage Tears of Themis, released on PlayStore and App Store!

NawaReaders Here you will play the role of a young lawyer and solve strange cases that occur in the City of Stellis. Meanwhile, players will also develop their romance with four male protagonists with complex and different personalities.

Tears of Themis is a game otome mobage first from miHoYo who officially available on Android and iOS on July 29.

The supported subtitle languages ​​in the game are Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. As for the voice actors, they are available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Stellis, the erratic city of justice

The Tears of Themis storyline will unfold as it investigates a series of crimes that occurred in the City of Stellis.

You will start their career at Themis Law Firm determined to maintain peace and justice, but in reality, you are entangled in a huge conspiracy that lurks in the dark.

With the completion of cases and problems, the evil forces that undermine all justice and order will gradually be revealed.

When the forces of darkness hidden in peace are revealed, players must make choices carefully, sticking to their values ​​and beliefs.

Play detectives in mobile Tears of Themis!

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While solving the dilemma between justice and evil, NawaReaders can also hone their investigative skills through detective games.

There are many targets that you have to clear during the investigation. You have to collect and check the clues at the crime scene, and collect keywords and suspicious info from the NPCs involved with the case.

After comparing and analyzing the evidence you have obtained, it is time for the decisive war:

You will present evidence to the court to support their arguments; use undeniably complicated logic to beat opposing lawyers.

After all the evidence in the case has been confirmed and the verdict has been handed down, you have finally succeeded in upholding justice.

You can access exclusive character stories by collecting cards. Beautiful dynamic illustrations on cards, interactive CG, exclusive dialogue, and video calls will provide an immersive and thrilling experience between players and their favorite characters.

Do not forget gachait’s free, you know!

500,000 pre-registration

To welcome the new lawyers, miHoYo has also prepared many attractive gifts. By joining the release event, players can earn up to 40+ free draws:

  • All players will get 10 FREE draws (10 consecutive draws) as a form of thanks for the pre-ordered number of over 500,000 users.
  • Press the button on the main page, complete the Rookie Support Task to get 10 FREE draws (10 consecutive free card draws).
  • Before August 27th, log in 14 times to receive surprise in-game rewards such as Tears of Themis ×10 and S-Chip free pulls.
  • Complete main story episodes to receive in-game rewards, including free pulls of Tears of Themis ×10 and other in-game items.
  • SSR Card Guarantee in the first 30 draws!

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