Birthday, Hatsune Miku Will Be Present in Two New Games

At the Hatsune Miku concert titled Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2021, Sega announced that Hatsune Miku would be present in two games the latest is Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega Mix (Project Diva 39s for Japan) for Nintendo Switch and Hatsune Miku Project Sekai (temporary name) for smartphone.

This is also a celebration of Hatsune Miku’s tenth birthday where Hatsune Miku’s birthday is on August 31 which is also the last day of the concert.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega Mix is ​​the latest game in the Project Diva series that has arrived on Sony consoles and arcade. Games this is games rhythm or music game where the player presses the buttons listed on the screen while following the beat of the song being played. For Mega Mix, Sega reports that there will be 101 selected songs over the last 10 years plus new songs exclusive to games this.

Project Diva Mega Mix will present two styles of play, namely Arcade Mode and Mix Mode. Arcade Mode is a classic mode where players press the appropriate buttons on the screen commands while following the rhythm of the song being played. Meanwhile, Mix Mode is a mode where players move the joy-con according to the commands on the screen while following the rhythm of the song.

Project Diva Mega Mix offers graphics anime redesigned costumes, over 300 costumes, and customizable outfits. Games It is planned to be released in Japan on February 13, 2021 and Sega has also announced that this game will be released for the western region.

Not only that, Sega also announced that they are collaborating with Crypton Future and Crafted Egg to release games Hatsune Miku for smartphones currently titled Hatsune Miku Project Sekai.

There is no further information other than developer handling this game is Colorful Palette, a new studio created by Crafted Egg. Crafted Egg is a developer in charge of the smartphone game BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party!

This is quite surprising even though it’s not completely considering that in the BanG Dream game itself, there have been several Hatsune Miku songs covered by fictional BanG Dream bands including Lost One’s Weeping, Romeo and Cinderella, Alien Alien, and most recently, Karakuri Pierrot.

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