Beginners Must Understand the Meaning of Mobile Legends Buff

Often ridiculed as Noob when playing Mobile Legends games? Of course it is. But what about Buff or Nerf which is actually also often used in this Moba game, do you understand? If not, here we will discuss the meaning of Buff Mobile Legends.

For game maniacs, the meaning of the words Buff and Nerf may be familiar, but for ordinary people who just join in there but end up getting addicted, maybe these two words don’t know the meaning. Even though it’s not very important, this vocabulary can be used to reconsider whether the heroes in games that are often used deserve to be picked again or not.

Mobile Legends is a game that has various terms that some players have never heard of. Along with the development of this game, a lot of vocabularies appear and are sometimes heard by strangers. Playing games is sometimes just an interlude, so you don’t pay attention to features outside the main features, for example the terms Buff and Nerf.

In fact, the worst thing is, sometimes when you can use some features in Mobile Legends, but don’t know the term for these features, such as coins when you want to buy Mobile Legends items which actually have a Battle Point or binging to distinguish which items are emblems. And all you know is that the words Newbie and Noob are often used as curses to teammates who are getting annoyed with their game.

Moreover, the terms Buff and Nerf also often appear in each of the latest Mobile Legends updates. Both are terms that have a very close relationship, which is used to show the change of a hero through the latest update in a game. If in the Mobile Legends game, the two terms are related to changes in several heroes.

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The Meaning of the Mobile Legends Buff That Makes Beginners Confused Of course

Definition of the term Buff in Mobile Legends

The term Buff is used for heroes who get additional skills or power on game updates in Mobile Legends. Changes that lead to the positive side are things made by the developer in order to make a balanced and not overlapping or one-sided battle, when one of the heroes is considered to have less ability.

Definition of Nerf Terms in Mobile Legends

In short, Nerf is a term used if a hero in Mobile Legends gets a skill decrease, because it is considered Overpower [terlalu kuat dan berlebihan], to get a balance in the fight.

If there is a hero who has above average skills and can cause injustice in the fight, the game developer who in this case refers to Moonton will reduce the hero’s skill.

For example from Nerf and Buff, you can see changes in Tigreal’s hero skills in the Mobile Legends update. This hero has the Attack Wave ability in one of his abilities. Previously, the Atk Wave hero had Damage 325 + Skill Level *25 + Extra Physycal Damage *1, but in this update the damage is reduced to Damage 265 + Skill Level *35 + All Physical Damage *0.8.

Well, that’s a review about the meaning of Buff Mobile Legends and Nerf. Also keep in mind that Buff and Nerf changes occur so that the Mobile Legends tournament can run in balance. So, you can’t blame the developer, even more so when you’re not clear.

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