Bandai Namco Pictures and HTC Will Create VR Anime Content! Starto Link!

Bandai Namco Pictures (BN Pictures), together with IT company HTC, are working together to bring anime content to Viveport, HTC’s global VR platform.

Integrate the resources of both parties

The cooperation between the two companies will focus on the integration of animated content and distribution resources for both parties. In addition, both Bandai and HTC are also planning to work together to create animated content and original IP in the future.

Quotes Cision. The addition of content created by Bandai Namco Pictures in the future will provide viewers with an ‘immersive viewing experience’ and ‘social virtual interaction’. hardcore nor casual.

Bandai Namco Pictures itself has produced various franchise successful anime. Among others are Aikatsu, Battle Spirits, Tiger & Bunny, as well as Gintama. Some of these titles are likely to be present in the cooperation between the two parties. The CEO of BN pictures, Ozaki Masayuki, reveals how partnership this later:

“By combining our animation production with HTC’s technological advances, we wanted to create an environment where fans can enjoy the feeling of watching animation together regardless of space.”

Based on the quote, it is possible that the collaboration between Bandai Namco Pictures and HTC will be shaped like a virtual cinema. People will appear using their avatars, then together watch movies and interact. Wow, so curious what it would be like!

About Bandai Namco Pictures

As subsidiary, Bandai Namco Pictures is a fraction of Sunrise Studio. Different from Sunrise, Bandai Namco Pictures focuses more on the bond between Bandai’s toy line, as well as multimedia content. Therefore, some of his anime titles have products merchandise for sale, such as figures, or collectibles.

Aikatsu is the first product of Bandai Namco Pictures, having previously handled by Sunrise. After that, Battle Spirits present as a second work that has a basis merchandise and toys.

Apart from creating works focused on children, there are also series for a more mature audience such as Tigers & Bunny, Gintama, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, and a stop-motion animation named Milpom.

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