Attack On Titan Collaboration with Free Fire in March

As the main developer and distributor of the game mobile games famous FPS, freefire, Garena has proven its real form to pamper its consumers through various collaborations. One of them that players will try is anime collaboration dark fantasy colossal Attack on Titan with Free Fire!

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Attack on Titan visiting Free Fire, like what?

This event is the result of collaboration between Garena and manga publisher Kodansha Ltd. for all fans of each one franchises. This collaboration is expected to fulfill the fans’ interest when enjoying the two big names.

Starting month March 2021 In the future, this event will begin with the presence of various costumes, exclusive in-game items to other surprises.

Presented as a tangible form of global collaboration strategy Free Fire, Garena’s collaboration with Shingeki no Kyojin presented as a concrete form of Garena’s strategy. The strategy is to improve the gaming experience by collaborating with the world’s leading names, such as One Punch Man.

The Survey Corps uniform is waiting for you!

Now, to pamper the hard-line fans of the series, Garena has prepared costumes with the theme of Survey Corps division when playing in the Free Fire game. There is also a giant Titan type character, you know! They are the most feared man-eating monsters, which will later be presented through special costumes.

Not to mention, various exclusive ingame items such as this special collaboration-themed weapon skin will also be presented to all survivors.

Producer said Free Fire about AoT collaboration events

Harold Teo, Free Fire producer at Garena, revealed that Free Fire players can soon #Battleinstyle using the style of the popular Japanese fantasy anime. He admitted that he was happy about the very rare collaboration that was sure to be fun!

“This series has captured the imaginations of people around the world with its unique and immersive narrative,” said producer Teo. “We are very excited to bring this to the world of Free Fire”.

About Garena, publisher of Free Fire

Started in 2009 and headquartered in Singapore, Garena provides services to millions of digital content users in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Taiwan and beyond. This game provider and distributor, which was once famous in the 2010s era, has brought world’s best MOBA game, League of Legends PC version and attract a lot of fans.

Apart from the game Free Fire who is famous in the video game scene in Indonesia, Garena publishing various other online games. Among them are Arena of Valor, Contra: Return, Speed ​​Drifters, Call of Duty® Mobile, Fantasy Town, and FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

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