ASUS Releases Gundam Edition Wi-Fi Router, Guarantees 3x Faster Internet?

ASUS Gundam Wifi Router – NawaReaders may be curious if one of the brand technology collaborates with well-known brands that you may know. At least that’s what ASUS did with Bandai Namco to release a limited edition router version Mobile Suit Gundam!

ASUS router with Gundam nuance, faster?

asus gundam router
Two types of ASUS internet router models have Gundam nuances. Photo: ITMedia

Quoting from ITHome via GeekCulture, Asus’ latest modem series is made very different from the previous model version. With an all-white and red color theme along with lively knick-knacks decal modem router, the design is intended as a form of collaboration from anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

For models Mobile Suit Gundam This ASUS RT-AX82U, will be sold with a Gundam-like robot model, which resembles Amuro Ray’s RX-78-2 Gundam, the protagonist of the anime. While the other model, the RT-AX86U has a red dominant design with a little black, resembling Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II model.

The two modems are a homepage to anime franchise mecha legendary that has aired in 1979 in Japan.

ASUS modem router specifications Mobile Suit Gundam!

Although the design is made very unique, that is Mobile Suit Gundam, the specifications from inside the modem unit have not changed like usual ASUS modems. The RT-AX82U and RT-AX86U will support the WiFi 6 standard technology (up to 802.11ax) by having ethernet port 2.5G on the AX82U model. The RT-AX86U has an RGB light function as an added feature for case-so that users can modify the modem’s RGB light settings according to taste.

On the modem Mobile Suit Gundam the red color, the performance of the modem depends on the specifications multi-core processor powerful bandwidth up to 5700 Mbps (about 712 Megabytes per second). It seems rightly said that the modem is three times faster than other router brands. However, depending on the country where the user’s home is located, it may be regulated according to internet policy standards for the country’s average speed.

Using the latest WiFi technology?

WiFI 6 technology installed by ASUS in both Wi-Fi router units Mobile Suit Gundam This allows for faster internet capabilities and better network efficiency. In addition, this router is claimed to have wider coverage in closed areas, and longer battery life. There are also features backward compatibility to WiFi modem products that have been released earlier.

There is no information on the official price for the special edition of the ASUS modem router. Referring to the initial price for the regular version, the RT-AX86U is priced at online stores for 1999 Yuan (Approx. 4.2 million rupiah), while the RT-AX82U is priced at 1299 yuan (2.7 million rupiah).

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