Artists Who Are Good at Playing Mobile Legends Games, How Great Are They?

Along with the development of technology, now developments in the game world continue to increase. One of them is the Mobile Legends game which has successfully transformed into one of the most popular games in Indonesia. Even now there are many artists who play mobile legends.

This Mobile Legends game is a game that relies on teamwork to achieve team victory. No wonder so many young people gather together to play the game.

Currently, the ML game community continues to increase, even though this game is already the most popular in Asia. The popularity of ML games is unstoppable, now many artists are interested in playing them.

For example, there is the name Raditya Dika who tries to have fun playing ML games and makes this activity as content. In addition, there is also a big name Atta Halilintar who often participates in Mobile Legends events.

List of Artists Playing Mobile Legends

There have been many artists who have played MOBA Mobile games, apart from just being able to turn out there are also those who are good at playing them. On this occasion, we will explain some of the lists artists who play mobile legends. You can see the explanation below:

Baim Wong

The first artist to play the Mobile Legends game is Baim Wong. When playing MLBB games, Baim prefers to play the hero Natalia. Indeed Baim is an artist who is good at playing ML games.

Baim is really good at playing various assassin heroes and other heroes. Interestingly, Baim has been included in one of the ML squads. this is none other than Baim often playing with ML players like Donkey and Oura.

Natasha wilona

This beautiful artist is one of the soap opera stars that is currently not popular. Her beauty is able to make heed the eye. Just like his ability to play Mobile Legends.

He was so good at it that he had already reached the Mythical Glory rank level. To reach the highest level, Natasha Wilona always relies on hero mages. One of the favorite mage heroes is Vexana. In addition there is Vexana, Natasha also likes to play angela.

Brisia Jodie

Still from among female artists, Brisia Jodie is a female artist who is good at playing Mobile Legends games. This Indonesian Idol drop-out singer has been a Brand Ambassador of one of the strongest RRQ teams in 1 year.

Jodie once revealed that she is one person who likes to play games. One of the things he likes so far is the MOBA Mobile Legends game. Even when he was still a BA, Jodie often gathered with RRQ players to play together.

Raditya Dika

In this time of pandemic, everyone is forced to always stay at home. One of the most effective ways to overcome boredom is to play games. The game that is often played by Raditya is Mobile Legends.

Even Raditya DIka was so excited to create content while doing push rank. It was evident that he had reached the Mythic rank level. His abilities are increasing because there is a guide from the expensive player Jess No Limit.

Fauzan Nasrul

Do not want to miss Dauzan Nasrul revealed that since childhood he has liked to play games. So in the midst of his busy life, Fauzan often takes the time to play Mobile Legends. The mainstay hero that he often uses is the Minotaur.

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That’s an explanation of some of the artists who play mobile legends. Hopefully this explanation can add to your insight about artists who play mobile legends. Now, what is your response after seeing some good artists playing ML?

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