Apparently, Game Prices on Steam Include VAT Tax!

Tax collection rules on digital services officially take effect today (1/7). However, the price of the game at platform Steam is not increasing. What is the reason?

Game price includes tax

Although the rules for collecting digital taxes have been made, in fact this does not affect the price of games sold on the internet platform This is because the price of the game sold includes taxes that have been regulated by the local government.

Quoting from the provisions made by Steam on page Steamworks Document, the company founded by Gabe Newell imposes sales tax in a number of countries that apply it. The requested tax is then added to the price of the game being peddled in platform the.

Will the game provider lose out?

Concerns about the loss of game developers and publishers on Steam due to digital VAT had surfaced on social media. However, this in fact has little effect on the profits received by Steam and other parties.

“We pay you (game developer/publisher) net income which is calculated based on gross revenue minus any adjustments,” Steam quoted Steam. Gross income itself includes both VAT and sales tax, while the adjustments referred to are refunds, taxes, and discounts.

The net income will also be further divided in the form of a percent, which will later be given to game developers or publishers as well as to Steam itself.

Digital tax collection starts in August

Unlike previously reported, although the implementation of the digital tax rules has begun in early July, the digital tax collection will only begin in August. This was explained by the Director of Extension, Services, and Public Relations Director General of Taxes Hestu Yoga Saksama.

“We will be effective starting the collection on August 1, in PMK it’s like that, so we don’t back down,” explained Yoga when contacted KompasTekno, Tuesday (30/6/2021). He explained that after the regulation was implemented, the Director General of Taxes would appoint trade organizers through the electronic system or PPMSE.

Six companies have implemented digital VAT tax

steam is taxed

In addition, said Yoga, there are about six digital companies that are ready to apply VAT. However, Yoga has not been reluctant to specify the company in question.

“So far, digital products from abroad are subject to 10 percent VAT, but consumers in Indonesia have to pay the VAT themselves,” explained Yoga, “we are changing the mechanism. -his.”

This regulation has been discussed by the Director General of Taxes with a number of digital companies operating in Indonesia. Yoga said that the government had facilitated the tax payment scheme, including proof documents in collecting the digital VAT tax.

In the latest scheme, Yoga stated that the company does not need to change the payment system in the application it has. The mechanism for collecting taxes from consumers will be left to each company.

As a Solution to Cover State Losses

The application of digital VAT tax on Netflix, Spotify, Steam and other digital platforms is not without reason. Sri Mulyani, Minister of Finance, said that the policy is expected to increase state revenues, one of which is for funding sources. Considering the economy in Indonesia became chaotic during the pandemic COVID-19 attack.

Given the income of many countries depend on taxes to improve the quality and infrastructure of their country. In addition, it is also able to balance the country’s economic needs so as not to go bankrupt and become a poor country.

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