Apk Cheat FF Auto Headshot 2021

Many Free Fire game players have turned off the latest 2021 ff auto headshot cheat apk, in fact there are many mod options but of course the difficult download link makes it difficult for players and the wrong account application is even banned.

Indeed, most mod apk developers say they have an anti-ban feature but in fact the gamers ff Garena developer certainly doesn’t stay silent and closes the gaps that are used so that the risk of getting banned increases.

For that, my friend must choose the latest ff auto headshot cheat apk in 2021, one of which we have discussed is the original ruok apk whose application name is ruok99 macro ff apk, even we have discussed it and some videos on youtube say this application still works and its use does not require root or no root.

Apk Cheat FF Auto Headshoot 2021

Ruok999 macro apk FF

Ruok is one of the most sought after auto headhot cheats, because this cheat is an update from the previous one which is said to get the latest update on the anti-ban feature. Don’t worry, the way to install and use it is quite easy and to download this application does not require a password.

Why Ruok99 Becomes Apk Cheat FF Auto Headshot 2021?

Basically this auto headshot cheat uses weapon sensitivity, where the user will be able to set the sensitivity up to 25000 times making it easier to do headshots and get victory.

The mainstay feature that is predicted to be safe is the anti-ban feature. However, my friend must understand that anti-ban itself is not really proven, if the game developer already knows the bugs system that is being used, it is likely that they will quickly close it and the user will be detected so that they get banned.

It’s safe not to use the FF Auto Headshot Cheat APK

If asked whether it’s safe or not, it all depends on the user’s luck level, because using the ff auto headshot cheat apk is only intended for brave people who let their account get banned, especially if the ban is permanent.

So to secure your ff account so you don’t get banned, you should use a backup account or a shadow account, don’t use it on the main account.

Free Fire Data 2021+OBB

In addition to using third-party cheat apk, gamers who want an easy win are also looking for the latest Free Fire Data OBB in 2021. We have also discussed it in full in this article.

The latest Free Fire Data+OBB is different from the original version of Free Fire, because the game has been modified in such a way that it produces cheats and weapon sensitivity so that players who use it find it easier to get headshots and wins.

But the name of using a modified game, the risk of being banned is also haunting and don’t expect to use your mod to be safe from being banned, because of course using mods is very against the rules of the developer as the game maker.

Latest Free Fire FFH4X 2021

There is another FF Auto headshot 2021 cheat apk named FFH4X. This application is a Free Fire mod menu, it’s easy if you open the FF game, you will be presented with a special mod menu to use cheats very easily.

>> Download the Latest FFH4X 2021 <

Use User : ffh4x_trial and Pass : 1dia.

But we do not guarantee the security of the application, because we have not tried it, so we are not responsible for the ff cheat that you use.

How to Use FFH4X:

1. Buddy must install virtual Xposed and also this ffh4x
2. Download Xposed virtual first, you can search directly through Google Search.
3. Next is to open Xposed virtual and add the ffh4x application and also Free Fire.
4. And buddy, just run ffh4x in virtual xposed and launch ffh4x.

The final word

That’s the latest FF Auto Headshot Cheat Apk in 2021, we only consider using cheats entirely your responsibility, because of course the heaviest risk is that your account can be permanently banned.

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