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Recently, there has been news that Apex Legends will be available in a mobile version. This was announced directly by Electronic Arts (EA). At first, the game was only available on a limited or beta basis in India or the Philippines. But then, EA announced that it would release a mobile version, so you can search for Apex Legends Mobile Play Store.

In addition, EA also provides a number of details about the Apex Legends game. One of them is that the game is a development of the computer version. Then the company added that the Apex Legends game has been designed in such a way with a touch screen and optimal and efficient controls for sure.

About Apex Legends Mobile Play Store at a Glance

After a long time struggling on the PC, finally the EA company made Apex Legends with a mobile version. This kind of thing should happen. Even this is not the first time, there have been several games with the battle royale genre before. One of them is on PUBG Mobile.

According to EA’s official website, Apex Legends is currently still in the testing phase. Then the Beta version will be released in India and the Philippines only. So, not everyone can download Apex Legends Mobile Play Store. But what is clear, that this year all players can play the game even around the world.

Similar to the console or PC version, you can play the Apex Legends game for free. You can play the game for free to play or free. However, there are some things that you can’t get for free, including items, battle passes, and characters.

Meanwhile, in the beta version of Apex Legends, it is only available for Android smartphone users. So far, it is known that there is no more detailed information about Apple users (iOS, iPhone, iPad).

Then because it was launched for devices, Apex Legends was designed specifically for mobile. Like having a touch screen and easy and efficient controls. In addition, with careful optimization, it will provide the most advanced gaming experience in the battle royale genre.

However, the Mobile version of Apex Legends does not support the cross play feature. This is because the game is designed specifically for smartphone devices. In the future, the game will be widely available after Pre Registration appears by searching for Apex Legends Mobile Play Store.

When the beta test is developing, the company will launch a site for pre-registration. So that the players can show their abilities in testing the game.

Then, how to pre-register Apex Legends Mobile on Android?

  • For those of you who want to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile, first, open the game page on the Google Play Store.
  • Then, you click on the pre-register section,
  • After that, you will be notified when the game will be available in your area.

Then so far, EA has not announced the minimum requirements for the Apex Legends game. most likely, for some of your devices there will be no pre-registration available.

Apex Legends Mobile to be Released on iOS or Other Devices, When?

Currently, the first test is inviting thousands of players in India and the Philippines to play Apex Legends. Then EA confirmed that it would expand the test, so you can easily find Apex Legends Mobile Play Store. It is in the next test that other devices that are included with iOS will get the game playing service.

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