Apex Legends Battle Royale Game Set In Titanfall World Available Free For Playstation 4, Xbox One And PC

Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment surprised all their fans by announcing, as well as releasing Apex Legends, a game free-to-play battle royale world set Titanfall for Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC via Origin.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends 30 years after the incident Titanfall 2. Different on battle royale in general (such as Fortnite and PUBG) this game has no mode solo or duo for the game and you will always be playing with a crew of 3 people. But don’t worry Respawn Entertainment has provided features that will make it easier to communicate with fellow teams even if you don’t use a mic

Talk with Eurogamer, lead producer Apex Legends Drew McCoy confirmed that Titanfall 3 not in production. “The world thinks we make Titanfall 3 and we don’t — this is what we make,” McCoy said. “To try and convince months of skeptical consumers with live trailers and articles, we were just like, ‘Let the game speak for itself’ — that’s the most powerful antidote to this potential problem. We make games for free, with the system lootbox, after we were bought by EA, and it wasn’t Titanfall 3. That’s the perfect recipe for a marketing plan to go awry, so why should it — let’s send the game off and let players play. ”

However, according to report my box, Titanfall 3 developed during fall 2021, but may change to Apex Legends.

Reported from IGN Daily Fix, this game will have features Cross-Platform same as Fortnite and Rocket League.

Check out some trailers and screenshots of this game below and you can visit website official here

Trailer Launch

Game Trailers

Deep Dive Trailer Gameplay

Launch Developer Diary

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