Antimony of Common Flowers Coming to PS4, Switch

There is good news for you Touhou Project fans. On Monday (15/2), indie game publishing company Phoenixx announced that it will be releasing the 15.5th project in the Touhou game series. This project is in the form of a new game entitled Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Previously released

Previously, game Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ was released in 2021 at the 93rd Comiket. At the event, the game was introduced as a game with a two-on-two mode that can be played on PC.

Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ has also been released worldwide in 2021 via the Steam app, although no help or subtitles are provided in English. The game’s production staff only further announced in 2021 that they were working on Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ to be released on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Game Mode

The 15.5th game of the Touhou series has various game mode which is unique in it, including the solo story mode. However, this one game mode makes Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ becoming increasingly popular is fashion versus.

This versus mode allows players to fire attacks in all directions instead of just using the techniques found in the game. Player Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ can also use a technique typical of previous Touhou games, namely the bullet-hell.

Touhou Hyouibana: The Antimony of Common Flowers Will release in Spring 2021

Games Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~ planned to be released in PlayStation 4 console and Nintendo Switch in spring 2021. Although Phoenixx has not provided details regarding the release date, spring which will be getting closer in the next few months can certainly make Touhou fans enthusiastic to welcome this game.

About Project Touhou

Touhou or Touhou Project is a series of bullet-hell games first developed by Team Shanghai Alice. The series emerged and became known to the public in 1997 and all aspects of the project, including programming, graphics, story, and music were independently produced by Junya “ZUN” Ota.

The first game series in the Touhou Project is Highly Responsive to Prayers ~Touhou Reiiden~ which was released in 1997. Even though at that time the game was created for the PC-98 type computer, the games in the project continued to evolve and adapt to the various game technologies available today. It starts with the release Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in 2002 for Windows computers.

Besides Touhou Hyouibana ~The Antimony of Common Flowers~, the games in the new Touhou Project are Hidden Star in Four Seasons (Touhou Tenkuushou), Violet Detector (Hifuu Nightmare Diary), and Wily Beast and Weakest Creature (Touhou Kikeijuu). Touhou Gouyoku Mother ~Suibotsushita Chinshuu Jigoku~ which is the 17.5th project and is a collaborative project of Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier is still in the status of being released soon.

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