Angry Gamers! Skullgirls Game Staff Makes Joke About George Floyd

The world is currently aggressively protesting against the United States government for the racism that occurred to George Floyd. All groups together make support for this incident, including gamers. However, one of the staff developer fighting games Skullgirls instead made a joke based on the George Floyd incident that made gamers angry.

Mike Zaimont, Game Developer Staff Skullgirls Making a Sensitive Joke Based on the George Floyd Incident

One of the game developer staff Skullgirls named Mike Zaimont created a controversy where gamers became furious. This is because Mike made a joke based on the George Floyd incident.

Man: Oh look he’s almost suffocated now.

Mike: If I say…

Woman: Ahahaha…

Mike: “You can’t breathe”

Man / Woman: ………

If you don’t know, the term “You can’t breathe” were George Floyd’s last words before he breathed his last due to the violence he experienced by the police.

Skullgirls Threatened With Cancellation at EVO Competition

Skullgirls George Floyd

Knowing this, gamers mention and told this to Joey Cuellar’s Twitter account as president of the EVO competition. His party will take care of this considering whether the Skullgirls game will remain an EVO competition or be cancelled.

Apologies to Everyone

With this much discussion, Mike Zaimont apologized for the joke on the Twitch game streaming Skullgirls. Here’s Mike’s apology via Twitter account hers.

I apologize profusely. I said something very stupid, insensitive and I regret it.

From the bottom of my heart I apologize for making such a bad joke. What I said was not my intention, it was completely unintentional. I’ve tried to be sensitive to all things and aspects of my life.

However, I am not a very talkative person and sometimes make stupid things out of my words. This bad joke does not represent a view of racism in a fair or legal manner in the United States. I hope this is a lesson for me.

There were a lot of protests outside my apartment while the stream was going on, in fact it’s been almost a full week.

I hope to remind people that running away is useful, but the situation is very important and there is no escape from it completely. Obviously from there, I failed miserably.

My respects from a truly stupid person.

Mike Z

Mike and Lab Zero Donated Funds for #BlackLivesMatter

Gamers netizens asked Mike to make a donation for the act of caring for George Floyd or known as #BlackLivesMatter. Mike said that he and the rest of the Lab Zero staff had made the donation. The following is a statement from Mike via his Twitter account.

For all those who say “donate”, I’ve been donating for a long time. I come from Minnesota. Lab Zero has also donated funds and will continue to do so. I don’t need to mention what the face value is. Donation in itself is a kind act, I did it not to ask for a favor. Thank you.

Hopefully this incident Mike really learns from his mistakes and no more sensitive jokes related to the George Floyd incident.

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