Angry Birds 10th Anniversary, Rovio Presents Venting Machine in New York!

For those who may remember, Angry Birds is a smartphone game that once boom in the mobile game scene in early 2010. Now, rovio, as the developer of the game, commemorate the anniversary of the franchise in a unique way according to the game’s characteristics.

Events #BringTheAnger held in the city of New York, United States, where there will be a game machine made by Rovio itself. Named “The Venting Machine”, the game developer invites the public and pedestrians to do anything to the Angry Birds Venting Machine, to vent their anger. This machine can be shaken, beaten like a punching bag, shouted as much as they want, and so on so that participants can get prizes from Rovio.

This #BringTheAnger was shown to the public on November 21 in Times Square, New York for one day only.

Some events other than ‘Venting Machine

In addition to The Venting Machine with the theme of Angry Birds, Rovio himself through a press release uploaded on his official website, revealed to the public that there would be in-game event in Angry Birds 2. In this event, player play the game as usual, with a note every pig killed in the game will be counted as a donation to the United Nations organization, UNICEF.

Rovio itself targets 100,000 US Dollars in the donation, which will be given to the Education in Emergencies Fund division within UNICEF. Want to know more about the event? You can visit the official Angry Birds website here!

About Angry Birds

forerunner of angry birds

Angry Birds is a smartphone game developed by game developer from Finland, Rovio. The idea for this game began in 2009 from sketching an idea for his own new game when he was experiencing a financial crisis at the time. Rovio’s history begins with a start-up company formed by three Finns in 2003 and has made 50 games. In 2012, Angry Birds had 200 million active users on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Angry Birds franchise itself has proliferated into several other titles. For example, Angry Birds 2 is a continuation of the first series, Angry Birds, which was released 6 years after the prequel was released. Rovio also collaborates with various entertainment companies to promote its franchises, such as Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Transformers.

The popularity of Angry Birds makes Rovio provide a green way to make films, The Angry Birds Movie, which was released in May 2021 worldwide. The second sequel was released last August with a positive response from critics compared to the film’s prequel.

Source: Rovio Entertainment via Infographics via Adioma

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