Amazing News! TikTok Purchased Mobile Legends Shares

Is it true that Mobile Legends has been purchased by the TikTok platform? As gamers friends know that Mobile Legends is one of the most popular types of moba games in Indonesia. So that this one game has such a large number of users.

Recently, there has been news saying that Mobile Legends was bought by TikTok. However, is the Mobile Legends game actually bought by the Tiktok application?

Find the Truth About Mobile Legends News Bought by TikTok

Check out the explanation below carefully to find out some facts about TikTok who were reported to have bought Mobile Legends.

The news that said that the Mobile Legends game had been acquired by TikTok immediately spread widely on various social media because there were so many Mobile Legends players who were active on their respective social media.

It turns out that Mobile Legends and Moonton were really acquired by TikTok. ByteDance as the parent company of TikTok has acquired Moonton and the Mobile Legends game.

ML’s Fate After Being Purchased By TikTok

Mobile Legends is a game created by former Tencent employees. In fact, Tencent itself has made an offer to buy Moonton’s game studio. However, Moonton chose the offer made by ByteDance.

Many people predict that Mobile Legends will become more popular after being purchased by TikTok. The reason is, ByteDance has been committed to always developing its wings in the gaming field.

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TikTok buys US$4 Billion Mobile Legends

ByteDance itself is a company that has the TikTok Apk. As many people know, TikTok is now one of the most popular social media in the world. It turns out that ByteDance is not satisfied with this achievement, because they want to continue to expand their business to the realm of gaming.

Therefore, they bought Moonton for around US$ 4 billion. Thus, the Mobile Legends game will also belong to ByteDance, which is also the developer of the TikTok Apk

Since some time ago, ByteDance has expressed their interest in getting into video games. The tactic to build a number of developer teams, which currently consists of 2k employees, is actually just the beginning. Now they are immediately plunged into the acquisition process that was never predicted by many people.

Sure enough, ByteDance just announced the acquisition process from Moonton [developer Mobile Legends]. This confirms Bytedance’s seriousness and commitment to being able to enter the gaming market, which they value is very important.

Currently, Mobile Legends has recorded the number of active players up to 90 million with ASEAN as the main market, and with a total revenue of almost 1 billion USD.

Before being acquired by ByteDance, Tencent had made an offer to buy Moonton, but the offer was not suitable. Tencent also did not say that it would not comment on basic speculation.

Now, after being acquired, ByteDance now has a Moba game that can compete with League of Legends and Honor of Kings, both of which are Tencent’s money maker. Since 2017, Riot Games and Tencent have filed a number of lawsuits against Moonton for copyright infringement.

The lawsuit also immediately targeted one of the founders of Moonton, namely Watson Xu Shenhua, because he was previously a senior employee of Tencent. Until finally the lawsuit was won by Tencent in July 2018 and compensated for a settlement of 2.9 million US dollars.

That’s the ins and outs about Mobile Legends bought by TikTok. What do you guys think, gamers? Is this news positive for you?

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